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Where’s Wittman?


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That’s what constituents in the 1st District of Virginia are wondering. It’s no wonder that his constituents have no idea who or where he is, since he has no legislative accomplishments to speak of and instead spends his time hobnobbing at GOP fundraisers and hanging out with his pal Eric Cantor (see Lap Dog article).

It’s no wonder that Rob Wittman (R-VA) doesn’t want to face his constituents when he has consistently voted against their interests. You can check out his record here. Here are a few of his highlights lowlights:

With healthcare costs continuing to rise and with seniors taking a big hit in this economy, Congressman Rob Wittman undermined Medicare so that private corporations could make more money.

Congressman Wittman voted for a plan that would have gutted Medicare, forcing seniors to buy higher cost insurance directly from big insurance companies and pay thousands of dollars in additional out of pocket costs each year for health care (HJR85, 2009).


Those who are sent overseas to defend our nation deserve a Representative in Congress that will stand with them when they return home. But when given the chance, Congressman Rob Wittman repeatedly voted against our veterans and men and women in uniform (HR1105, 2009; HCR85, 2009; HR2642, 2008; HCR312, 2008).

He voted to cut education and job assistance programs for our soldiers returning home from overseas (HR2642, 2008).


Congressman Rob Wittman has taken tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from big banking interests (www.fec.gov). But when it came time to protect Virginia families facing foreclosure, Congressmen Wittman sided with those same companies by voting against a plan to provide assistance to those at risk of losing their home (HR1106, 2009).

Wittman claims that he is an effective leader and I tend to agree. He is effectively BAD!

According to Roll Call Magazine, Wittman was ranked last in effectiveness of ALL Congressmen in Virginia. And out of the 435 members of Congress was ranked 432nd in his ability to pass legislation that benefited his constituents.

What about this session of Congress? Has he improved? Wittman was rated a follower by Govtrack.us. Less than 1% of the bills Wittman has Co-Sponsored have become law. This puts him in the bottom 10% of all members.

Could you imagine if he actually performed this well in private industry? Something tells me he would have been sent packing a long time ago. I say we send Wittman a pink slip and hire Krystal Ball (D-VA) come November!

  • Govgirl

    Would you care to share the dates of the “evidence” you presented that Mr. Wittman is an ineffective representative of the 1st District? Just so I can fact check them for myself, like a good informed voter? Oh, and how about the entire govtrack website? Just saying if this is real, there should be no problem telling me where to find it.  

  • Govgirl

    Well, I could not find the article by Roll Call since no date was provided – but I did find this article, which pointedly debunks the ranking issue and takes Ball to task for mischaracterizing this information.


  • John Galt

    I have to agree with GovGirl.

    A case of all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others

  • Jim Webb Dem

    Stolling down Rob Wittman’s voting record one is impressed with just how many times the Congressman voted NO on House Initiatives but one really stands out for me.

    Having lived in Spotsylvania for over 20 years one in good humor can use the term FREDNECK with some authority. Last night attending the Charlie Daniels concert at “Celebrate Virginia” it was on full display. As Charlie said … proudly I’m a Redneck … a simple man …. a hard working man. (Anywhere else in the country the term would be Blue Collar …. but in the Burg sporting Beauregard Battle Flags … they’re Rednecks).

    And then Charlie Daniels went out of his way to praise Veterans as the very best this country has to offer and how grateful we should be for those Veterans past and present. He pledged allegiance to the flag …. He fiddled the Star Spangled Banner. In short he played to the crowd …. veterans & red-collars …. in Rob Wittman’s backyard.

    So I would like to know why the Congressman vote NO on the Veteran’s new GI Bill …. http://www.votesmart.org/issue

    Was it because he’s a Veterans champion in Congress??? NO barks the LapDog …. A champion for Veterans in Congress would be my favorite Senator (and Charlie Daniels Redneck) Jim Webb.

    Wittman voted NO because it was a Democratic Party initiative. Just like his NO Show when Governor Tim Kaine held the annual meeting of Congressional Delegates where for the first time (after the election of President Obama)  …. no Republicans showed up. Wittman voted NO on Health Care reform legislation …. which in its final form looked a helluva like Bob Dole’s bill in the 1990s …. I could on.

    What Rob Wittman’s voting record shows is that he is a typical modern  day Republican. He does what his leadership tells him to do and votes against the best interest of his constituents. PERIOD.

    Like it or not …. Health Care needed reform … Like it or not Unemployment Benefits and their extension are needed. Like it or not Veterans of current Wars need all the support they can get.

    No show Wittman is not what I need in a Congressman. He has shown nothing in terms of originality or independent thought.

    I’ll vote for Krystal Ball …. the young Mom with  a vision toward what’s best for her children …. which is to say our country’s future.

    I will not vote for a proven party hack who lays low in the hopes his incumbency will get him re-elected. Because his voting record as it becomes clear should certainly earn him a seat at the unemployment office. Oh hey wait a minute … that’s the place where all those slackers end up because Wall Street shipped their jobs overseas. I’m sure those Bush tax breaks we’ve given to the Mega-Rich will trickle down to me…. the slacker Congressman of Virginia’s  1st Congressional District.

    • Dan Sullivan

      Go here.