Yes, Rehire Her Already!


    Why is Tom Vilsack even hesitating for a minute on this? With all due respect, Mr. Secretary, you made a huge mistake in firing Shirley Sherrod based on a right-wing smear campaign.  To put it another way, you were “snookered.”  Now, just admit you made a huge mistake and fix it!  How hard is that?

    UPDATE: Even Red State agrees , this was a travesty — “Collecting scalps at what cost?”  

    • Ingrid

      I am calling his office this morning.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Have we reached a point in this country where a citizen, who is not a public figure by a long stretch, has no recourse when someone of the ilk of Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin or whatever wingnut is spewing lies about someone, causing them financial harm, cannot be sued for slander?

      Where is the ACLU in this?

    • … that they so easily do the bidding of Tea Party hacks. First Van Jones, now this. Not that the White house is banging on my door, but it would make me think twice about taking a job there. One unsubstantiated fringe conservative attack & you’re thrown under the bus?

    • What this shows is how REACTIVE our entire government is to the (mostly right wing) media.  They aren’t acting, they can only respond.  And in trying to respond quickly, they may well have ruined the life of a good person and for their pains, everyone involved looks pathetic.

    • libra

      wrt to:

      just admit you made a huge mistake and fix it!

      Vilsack has done exactly that. Sherrod is considering his offer before she makes her decision (she’s one smart lady). What’s more, his apology was a real apology (however belated), not one of the Republican kind, along the lines of: “I’m sorry Ms Sherrod misunderstood something I haven’t done in the first place”. Are we going to, at least, acknowledge (if grudgingly) that he’s done what needed to be done? Are we gonna give the devil his due? Or do we feel too happy dumping on the administration to do that?

      And, lowkell… Pretty much all of the fRight wing is now defending Sherrod — gives them an opportunity to dump on Vilsack and, through him, on Obama. But very few are calling out for Breitbart’s apology, even though his sin was not just plain stupidity but active malice.