Facts No Impediment to False Narrative of “Anti-Incumbent Mood.”


    What if the media narrative of outsider candidates is a lie?  What if incumbents are so lopsidedly ahead that there is absolutely no contest?  And what if it is unlikely that the GOP will take over at all?  

    Rachel Maddow scored another great clip with her fact checking the phony narrative of the “year of the outsider.”  No matter how many insiders win (and outsiders lose), Maddow reinforces, the media keeps up with their manipulation of voters.  

    324 incumbents have won their primaries, but only 7 challengers have won. Sarah Palin keeps losing with “her” Tea Party candidates too, but for some reason the media still keep promoting her mindless endorsements and prognostications.  “Lazy nonsense” and mindless repetition” (Maddow’s terms) are too generous.  It’s enough to make you ask what’s up with that?  And I’m afraid we know what that is.

    The media love a horse race and the profits resulting from such horse races. Unfortunately, they also sing from the the GOP’s corporate messaging songbook.  It’s a cynical game designed to undo needed federal programs for the benefit of the corporate elite.  

    The facts also explain the hysterical fulminating by the GOPhers, who each day are more in bed with the “Tea Party” haters.  Of course, the “Tea Parties” were brought to you by Republicans for the benefit of Republicans. It also explains (though absolutely does not justify) the  extremist lengths Southern-Strategy GOPhers are willing to go.  They are desperate.  And when they are desperate, they show who they really are.

    There is a message here for Dems: Stop cowering. Defend your president and ours.  Stand up for our Democratic (with an emphasis on democratic, with a little d, not Republican/corporate-light) values.  You will win if you stand for something significant for the 99-ers, the 98-99% of Americans you should be representing because no one else is.  This is NOT the year of the insurgent candidate, unless you make it so.  “Go forth and multiply” (Democratic seats), and stand strong.  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      I actually cheered out loud when I saw Maddow’s report last night. This constant “incumbent in danger” lie will probably continue until the November elections. After the results are in and most incumbents return to D.C., the corporate media will turn to the next corporate and GOP argument about why President Obama is wrong and the Democrats are harming the nation.

      I do foresee that many of the Democrats who won in 2008 in normally GOP districts will go down to defeat, but I can’t see enough seats in play to flip the House or the Senate. I hope I am right…and I hope that Tom Perriello can pull out a victory in the 5th.

    • Teddy Goodson

      We have observed a looooong history of Republicans making up a piece of fiction, yapping endlessly about it, writing great reports and clever studies, and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. The entire travesty of little Bush’s little wars in Iraq-Afghanistan falls into this categoy. So does, in fact, the entire “war on terror” and “clash of civilizations,” where by sheer force of a full court press by Murdoch media and Republicans talking their talking points they forced life to imitate art. Really creative, eh?

      Another fiction which has become Conventional Wisdom and actually been accepted by the national Democratic leadership is “the USA is a Center Right” country—- despite the fact that Obama’s election proved we are Center Left, (if, of course, you continue to get those heretofore invisible segments of society back out to vote again).  

    • “We like this story too much to change the headline!” Right there, that epitomizes the utter vacuity and vapidity of the “news” (using the term extremely loosely) media these days. Basically, it’s (really lame) entertainment, combined with an organized (more or less) effort to push a particular “narrative”, all masquerading (laughably) as something they call “news.” Just remember as you watch or listen to this stuff – the one thing it most certainly IS NOT is “objective” “news.” Thanks to Rachel Maddow for making this so abundantly clear, to anyone who cares to listen.