Game On For George Allen


    If George Allen’s name was Bill Smith, he’d be teaching middle school history. Instead, his inheritance has buoyed, then destroyed his political star. Now he’s trying to redefine his heritage to his advantage. At the end of the month he’s speaking at a Jewish retreat in Reston. Everything to everybody.

    “There was no response Tuesday afternoon to a message left with Allen’s office for comment about his scheduled appearance.” – WTVR report

    Balance that with his noncommittal tightrope walk with the Tea Party and you see a candidate who is attempting to avoid issues and play to incongruous constituencies without being called out. The Allen website plays to NASCAR fans and the Heritage Foundation crowd. He “wrote” a book, is using it as a reason to make local appearances across the state, and is lightly stumping for Virginia politicians. “Safe” radio interviews and choreographed videos are his preferred medium.

    George Allen’s problem is that he is pretty much an empty vessel. Without the props and outside his circle, he is a train wreck. So he will go to his strength and let his handlers arrange safe venues with safer rules of engagement. This is going to work, too, because he will be able to play to the audience present. No questions, no extemporaneous banter, just the “facts.” And the Allen “halo” will power him back to popularity and possibly the Senate.  

    • Definitely the quote of the day:

      Rabbi Efraim Mintz confirmed that Allen was invited to deliver the keynote address to about 600 people attending the national gathering.

      “George Allen is interesting to the American Jewish community especially because of his discovery late in life of his Jewish ancestry,” Mintz said in a brief written statement to The Associated Press. “We embrace him as a fellow Jew and we look forward to his remarks.”

      Yeah, very interesting. Maybe Allen will “revise and extend his remarks,” as they say in the “wounded sea slug” Senate, about how asking a simple question about his Jewish heritage was somehow “making aspersions” [sic] about him.

    • blue bronc

      From the looks of the Colorado Republican Party there may be someone freed from running it. It helps the leader of that organization the the Sue “Pay your doc with a chicken” Lowden lost her primary leaving him more time on his hands. And, since he won’t support Don Maes as he attempts to do the Man from LaMancha in the governor’s race, that too leaves him time.

      Which means DickWadhams is probably ready to come here and run a campaign.  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      “Macaca” Allen famously responded to the fact that he is technically a Jew since his mother is Jewish (and that heritage passes through the maternal line) by saying that she made a really great “ham sandwich.” Now, he wants to talk about the heroism of his Jewish maternal grandfather in World War II.

      Perhaps he also would like to attend a gathering of professionals in anger management and speak about how he overcame his propensity to drag his sister around by her hair and how he broke his brother’s arm.

      I personally would like to see him take a public speaking course and learn how to never again use a sports cliche when discussing serious policy issues.

      All that having been said, I wish that we could see more of Sen. Jim Webb in various parts of the state. The 2011 state elections would be a good place for him to make himself less invisible.