Hoisting the Teabag in the 2nd House District


    The PilotOnline reports:

    Republican congressional candidate Scott Rigell agreed to sign a seven-part pledge today that was developed by local Tea Party activists and includes promises to vote against any tax or fee increase, to oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants and to work to overturn the recently approved health care overhaul legislation.

    I wouldn’t have bought a used car from him anyway, even before he signed up with the forces of living in a past that never was.

    Rigell’s running to the right because the incumbent is thunderingly moderate and he has an independent challenger who is resoundingly teabaggish.  

    The incumbent, Glenn Nye, is certainly more moderate than he would be if I got my druthers.

    In fact, the incumbent is so moderate that some of my more leftie acquaintances are threatening not to vote, rather than to vote for him.

    I can’t understand their position.  Not voting for someone who is okay-not-great while giving someone who is definitely not okay an advantage mystifies me.  

    This is Virginia, for Pete’s sake, not Vermont.

    • your own party and spread lies (e.g., that health care reform was “too expensive,” that he voted against the “Wall Street Bailout”). I say that’s not “moderate,” it’s selfish and stupid. With all that said, there’s no doubt Rigell’s a wingnut. So…the choice in this election is between right wingnut (Rigell), another right wingnut (Golden), and mush-for-brains (Nye). Excited yet?

    • exactly how people like Glenn Nye are hurting good Dem’s like Tom Perriello. Check it out, the Republicans feature Nye and other blue dogs in order to bash Perriello for his courageous votes in favor of health care reform, clean energy and climate action, saving our economy from Great Depression Part II, etc.. Great, huh? Thank you Glenn Nye!