Mark Warner Makes His Best Case for Glenn Nye


    Senator Mark Warner makes his best case for Glenn Nye at a Campaign Rally on August 25 at Green Run High School in Virginia Beach. Are you sold? Psyched? Sleeping? Sick of it all?  Feel free to discuss in the comments section.  

    • K in VA

      Glenn Nye has a “D” after his name, which is what has helped make Pelosi Speaker and give other Democrats committee chairs.

      Other than that, the man has no redeeming value.

      Vote for him if you’re in his district, by all means. But don’t con yourselves into believing he’s a real, live Democrat. He’s only a “D” for counting purposes.

    • martinlomasney

      Prince Mark, who was a reliable vote to kill every amendment to strengthen finance regulatory reform, supports Nye who voted against job bills.

      Two peas is a corportist pod.

      Nye’s district is R+5.  So’s Perrillo’s but their voting record and rhetoric couldn’t be more different.

      Truman: give a voter a choice between someone trying to look like a Republican and a real Republican, they’ll vote for the real thing every time.  

      Nye has spent the last 20 months doing his best imitation of a Republican.  We’ll see if ol’Harry is still right.