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Mitch McConnell Demonstrates the Utter Bankruptcy of the Republican Party


Bottom line: Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party have no answer to the simple question, “how will you make up the lost revenue from cutting taxes?” The fact is, these people are in complete denial, and will drive our country into utter bankruptcy with their fanatic belief in “supply side” ideology. Now, just to be clear, this isn’t about the merits (or lack thereof) of cutting taxes, this is about doing so without making up the lost revenues, thereby exploding the deficit. And to that, the Republicans have absolutely no answer. Just keep that mind when you go the polls this November.

  • jack russell

    But they have no answers for what to do about the economy to create more jobs either.  They are against extending unemployment, they are against stimulus.  All they seem to be in favor of are more tax cuts.

    So what exactly do they have to tell people out there who need a job?

  • blue bronc

    I take it at his word he is an full blown idiot.

  • dgjudy

    Clearly the only talking point McConnell had was “current tax policy,” which implies that doing nothing would continue the status quo.  Which is false because of the sunset provisions in the original bill, which was imposed b/c the GOP used reconciliation to impose the Bush cuts in the first place.

    And amazingly David Gregory stayed up on his hind legs long enough not to buy that talking point.

    This is pretty great.  A stark display of the pathetic state of today’s GOP: the alleged fiscal conservatives in their party have for decades allowed Arthur Laffer to persuade them that no balance sheet is necessary when formulating tax policy with regard to the fisc.

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    Mitch McConnell has absolutely no shame.  Makin stuff up is a way of life.  

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