Mo Elleithee on Last Night’s Primary Results: “Thank you Tea Party!”


    I’ve got to agree with Democratic political strategist Mo Elleithee, who’s worked for many high-profile (winning and losing) Virginia candidates over the past decade, who writes on his Facebook page:

    “FL Republicans nominate for Governor a corrupt health care CEO that defrauded taxpayers. Thank you Tea Party!”

    Also, check out the news from Alaska, where “Tea Party” candidate Joe Miller is on the verge of achieving a huge victory over incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski. If Miller wins, the Republicans will have as their U.S. Senate nominee who says man-made “global warming” (he puts it in quotes) “may not even exist.”  Also, Miller doesn’t believe that federal unemployment insurance is “constitutionally authorized.” He wants to privatize Social Security. He’s against abortion even in cases of rape or incest. In other words, he’s Alaska’s version of our Attorney General, Ken Kookinelli.  

    The question is whether Miller (assuming he holds on and wins) is electable or not, but certainly he’s got to be a weaker general election candidate than more “mainstream” Republican (and incumbent) Lisa Murkowski, right?  Let’s hope so, and let’s also hope that Democratic nominee Scott McAdams can take advantage of Miller’s lunacy. But for now, both in Florida and Alaska, let’s join Mo Elleithee and say, “thank you Tea Party!” 🙂

    P.S. It’s interesting that, on the Democratic side last night, most “establishment” candidates and incumbents appear to have won, while on the Republican side, it’s a different story.  Perhaps the “anti-incumbent wave,” such as there is one out there this year, is strictly a phenomenon of the right?

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      It seems to be that way, at least to me. The GOP, which is devoid of any governing philosophy – having just presided over the “Great Recession” caused by their free-wheeling economic philosophy – seem to have turned to the “dark far-right side.” Their incumbents were in power then, so to “punish” them, the idiots nominate Tea Pots.

    • VA Blogger

      There’s no way in hell Jeff Miller loses in Alaska, so I’m not sure why you’re “thanking” the Tea Party for that, as if it puts a new race on the map.

      As for Florida, I care more about the Senate race than the Governor’s race, and Kendrick Meek as the Democratic nominee means its more likely that Marco Rubio becomes the next Senator, as PPP’s poll yesterday confirms.

      Plus John McCain (certainly not a Tea Party favorite) won re-nomination rather easily, which kind of sinks any overarching narrative. McCain will coast to re-election in November.

      All in all, a great day for the NRSC.

    • libra

      also a past member of Alaskan Independence Party (and best buddy of its other famous member, Todd Palin, aka “First Dud”)? I don’t understand how you could be for secession on the one hand and try to run for federal office, on the other…