More Climate “Cuccinsanity” from Virginia’s AG


    Sayeth Kookinelli:

    Of the five reviews of “climategate,” which is the scandal last year where emails were leaked showing that scientists were hiding data and/or destroying it, trying to doctor who showed up in peer-reviewed articles, none of the reviews that have come from that have reviewed the science…What we’re addressing in our lawsuit with the EPA will, in part, get to the science because part of Virginia’s allegation is that the EPA has imposed this economy-crushing regulation without using good, objective science. And the people involved in climate science have themselves said this objective outcome, meaning the policies they want, trump getting accurate facts, and that’s a problem for us…

    Of course, this is all a complete, unmitigated bunch of hot air (pun intended). Unless, that is, you believe in a vast, global conspiracy involving thousands of independent scientists working over decades and all coming to the same basic scientific conclusion – that man’s spewing of billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is causing a “greenhouse effect” and dangerously heating up the planet.

    By the way, Cooch apparently has never heard of (or just completely ignores) “Occam’s Razor,” but instead proceeds to the craziest, most convoluted, most complicated explanation for what is actually a very easy-to-understand phenomenon. But, of course, Cooch is a raging ideologue, and those people are not driven by facts or empirical evidence, so what else would we expect? More disappointing is that the “mainstream media” interviewer lets this all go by without challenging it. Sadly, this is par for the course, as the media continues to completely fail on this issue, and on so many others.

    • Another Republican, another case of complete lunacy.  “Terror babies?”  Seriously, these people need to be in mental hospitals, not in Congress.  On second thought, given what the GOP has turned Congress into, maybe they’re one and the same?

    • … is to keep searching until he finds anything that backs up his predetermined beliefs.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Cooch suffers from a “deductive reasoning brain block.” He only knows one way of thinking: believe that you know a given, then twist everything to fit your preconceived belief. (That’s how Galileo was repudiated by the Catholic Church for daring to prove that the earth revolved around the sun. The church said, “No. The Bible says otherwise.”)

      Science and the scientific method use inductive reasoning, something Cooch finds impossible to conceive. Science postulates an hypothesis: i.e., “Human activity – specifically the carbon load in the environment – causes the earth to warm.” Then, experiments and data must show that the hypothesis may well be accurate. That’s not the end, however. After numerous different scientists have tested the hypothesis and had the same results, then the theory is accepted. It also is always open to being retested…not by a scientifically illiterate attorney general grandstanding for his equally scientific illiterate political audience, but by people qualified to “review the science.”

    • Teddy Goodson

      It strikes me that this mass hysteria, this mass delusional view of life-and-everything is a phenomenum which has occurred with alarming frequency in human history, when we have sudden irrational passions sweep multitudes at a time.

      In some cases, as in medieval Europe, a mold called, I think it was, ergot, contaminated grain used in making peasants’ bread, and they all suffered remarkable hallucinations while their forebrains were benumbed, so they roamed the countryside looking for witches and scapegoats, lynching and burning other people.

      In other cases, it seems there is a sort of religious revolt against change and “elitist knowledge;” everyone is consumed by distaste for their condition and what they see as a future they do not want, for which they blame intellectuals, and they do stupid things like burn down the Alexandria library in late-Roman Egypt, or deny climate change. Their hind brain, reptilian and irrational, takes over.

      Makes me wonder a little about all our processed food these days. Does it have contaminants in it that are debasing our capacity for rational thought?

    • Teddy Goodson

      what is a “terror baby?” Is it a baby adopted or born here that has been pre-programmed like a robot to bomb us in our beds when he or she grows up  ome 15-20 years later—- a real Manchurian candidate? Is that what the Congressman was saying? Please tell me American voters did not elect such a raving lunatic to represent them? I think Mr. Anderson and CNN owe the viewing public an apology.