The People Fight Back


    The people fight back.’s video of street theatre at a Target Store. Pass it on. And sign their petition to make Target pay for messing in our political system, thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, after which Target donated $150,000 to the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota, a candidate who hates unions and gays.”Target Ain’t People!” (and neither is Rupert Murdoch’s holding company and Fox Specious News… could this be a trend?

    • Brian

      This whole thing has been manufactured outrage from the getgo. It was born from, people got “outraged” on that site. “Concerned Citizens”,who are probably in college or unemployed, and are so full of that youthful idealism of we can change the world if we just try,try to put our heads together, and listen to Imagine by John Lennon in the background,barge into a Target,where a bunch of people are employed during this economic downturn,and their message,put these employees out of work by bankrupting Target,because  Target made a political contribution. $50 says, at least half of Target employees don’t know why this group is there singing badly,because they don’t follow what their company does, they’re just there to pay the bills.

      I think the lesson here, is that companies like Target, just give money to candidates that promote the values they want their employees to promote. But I think its misguided to throw out the baby with the bathwater,as is the case here. Because, someone will walk away from this spectacle, and tell another person,who will tell another,who will then tell another person, “don’t shop at Target”, everyone who works there is against human rights.And they’ll stop shopping there, then people will get laid off,and people will then doubt themselves that this was not the desired result of their message.  

    • libra

      how all this sound and fury is about Target but not a bleat about Best Buy — which is guilty of exactly the same kind of dirty manipulation of democracy (as allowed by the RATS of the Supreme Court), in exactly the same campaign. Is it because “Target” is easier to say that “Best Buy” and thus makes an easier, er… target? Or is it because Target had, in the past, been “good people” on the subject of gays, has been properly contrite about their donation and has, probably, connived at organising the above event (can you imagine “invading” any odd store like that, disrupting its routines and business and not have the management call in the cops)?  

    • Venu

      People will complain about anything, won’t they?  

    • Teddy Goodson

      Why Target and not Best Buy, or any of a dozen others? Well, now, if you’re to fight back, would it not be prudent to look for a small victory to encourage the troops at the beginning, and is not Target possibly a softer target than some of the other Big Wheels? The longest journey begins with the smallest first step.

      I have no doubt that all those shoppers at Target, when this action went down, had absolutely not the slightest idea or understanding of the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, nor any inkling of Target’s substantial political donation, messing in the political process—- until they were alerted by this bit of street theatre.Aha, step one!

      It’s one way of getting the word out that is not more esoteric mumbojumbo on some talking heads program which either nobody really listens to, or, if they do, it’s so sanitized and heavily larded with right-wing propaganda that the matter of the Supreme Court decision is totally distorted. After all, “it’s all just politics,” Brian, and who wants to bother with that? Until it’s too late, of course, and the damage has been done, and we move another step from democracy closer to full oligarchy