Washington Post Corporate Hacks Defend the Indefensible


    Anyone who doubted the Washington Post was nothing more than a bunch of corporate whores hacks, I refer you to this morning’s editorial on for-profit “education”. Pay careful attention to the second paragraph.

    THE OBAMA administration is considering rules that could sharply limit the availability of for-profit colleges to American students. The government is right to fashion reasonable regulation to discourage fraud or misleading practices, but it would be wrong to impose rules that remove an option that is especially useful for poor and working students.

    Readers should know that we have a conflict of interest regarding this subject. The Washington Post Co., which owns the Post newspaper and washingtonpost.com, also owns Kaplan University and other for-profit schools of higher education that, according to company officials, could be harmed by the proposed regulations.

    Right, kudos to the Post for doing what they should and disclosing this information, but why should we listen to one word they have to say on this subject? I mean, as the Post’s own ombudsman points out this morning, Kaplan has an “outsize importance to the overall bottom line” of the Washington Post, accounting for “62 percent of The Post Co.’s total second-quarter revenues.” But now, just because the Post discloses the information, we’re supposed to give them a pass to defend the indefensible, namely the for-profit, ripoff-the-taxpayer, “education” industry? The short answer is “no.” The longer answer is “hell no.”  End of story.

    Now, if you want to learn something about what the Kaplan Times Washington Post is defending, check out Chris Cuomo’s expose on the subject, featuring our old pal (and Jim Webb’s 2006 Democratic primary opponent) Harris “Shiller” Miller (who the Post endorsed, by the way). Learn how these companies are nothing more than “marketing machines, masquerading as universities,” how they rip off the taxpayer to the tune of billions of dollars per year, how they deceive prospective students, then saddle them with massive debt and worthless degrees, how they even recruit homeless people, etc., etc. After you’ve read all that, then perhaps you can put the Kaplan Times Post editorial in the proper context. In other words, the garbage can.

    UPDATE: An attorney friend of mine points out that the Post should do what judges do in cases like this – recuse themselves. Just as it’s not sufficient for the judge to say, “I have a conflict, now let’s proceed with the case,” it’s not sufficient for the Post to say, “we have a conflict, now here’s our editorial anyway.” Lame.

    • Dan Sullivan

      of poor and working students…

    • Tom

      And the more I learn the less respect the Fairfax County Dem. leadership and the DPVA for allowing such a corrupt individual to gain so much power in the party. Miller did not become corrupt overnight, and his bragging about out-sourcing high paying tech. jobs to India as well as contributing money to the GOP with the lame excuse that it was expected of him by his employer at the time should have been red-flag alarms to the Dem. establishment that he was not a man to be trusted. It is really sad that Brian Moran has joined him in this rip-off endeavor. Money talks, and unethical politicians listen when they see financial advantages for themselves.

      At least this should, probably will, mean that Miller’s and Moran’s political careers are over (unless they find a place for themselves in Chicago if the former governor doesn’t have to stand trial again).

      I have to say I was shocked to learn that Kaplan U. income constituted 62 % of WaPo quarterly revenue. No wonder they had to admit they have a conflict of interest. Why would any newspaper get involved in such a corrupt business when they know they can’t hide the fact of where their revenue comes from ? They should diversify by investing in McAuliffe’s green energy projects, which would certainly give them good return on their investment and give them some real credibility when he is elected governor after McDonnell.


    • Elaine in Roanoke

      The Washington Post lost all its limited credibility when the new publisher and her regime came on board. With the demise of the Washington Times, the Post powers also seem to feel that they have to fill some “right-wing vacuum,” in addition to sucking up to every available advertiser in the global economy.

      If anyone wants a “poster child” showing how journalism in America has been sold out, the Post is a good place to start.  

    • hereinva

      Some of these for profit “trade schools” are nothing more than loan processing centers. This scam has been going on for decades.