Andy Sere Reaches a New Low


    (This is disgusting, Andy Sere should be fired. – promoted by lowkell)

    Andy Sere has decided to post the addresses of some of Tom Perriello's staff on Twitter. This is totally crossing a line, especially given that earlier in the cycle a gas line was cut at Tom Perriello's brother's home, after his address was publicly posted online.

    Campaign staffers come from all over, and work for candidates they believe in. They do their best to work for their respective parties in critical districts–that's how they make a living. If they're from the district, they vote for their candidate. If they aren't, they don't. They get one vote the same way anyone else does. And sure, you can try to attack a campaign for hiring some staff from outside the district, but you can also make that point without endangering staffers and their families. If Andy Sere insists on making these staffers' private lives public, perhaps he could think of safety issues and only post the city they're from? Or maybe he could stick to campaign issues, and to what the respective candidates would do if they were elected instead of talking about where a staffer's paycheck gets sent. Disgusting.

    UPDATE by Lowell: Sign the petition ( and demand that Twitter ban Andy Sere for posting private addresses & violating terms of service. 

    • antonio_m_elias

      And it started with Tom Perriello’s campaign twitter account making an unnecessary comment about one of his staffers – but what kind of immaturity does this campaign manager possess to do such a thing?

      Furthermore – where did he get this information?  A voter database?  If so, this is almost definitely illegal.  The VA SBE gives voter registration info to both parties with the expectation that they do not publicize it like this!

    • DanielK

      Over the last year or so the political realm has become a not so safe especially in regards to right-wing extremists (Militias being charged and everything else)  I can relate to having people know where you live and especially people who don’t like you and would have no problem doing you harm or your family.  It’s not a good feeling to have your personal address out there because all it takes is GPS or Mapquest and you could run into a bad situation coming home late from working.  I knew that going into my line of work but people who volunteer or work on campaigns for a living don’t have that apparent in their minds when they initially take a job.

      A more pressing question would be how did this guy get their addresses?  I’m pretty sure state law regulates voter databases and the dissemination of information.  Maybe the Commonwealth Attorney or prosecutor (where he is from) should look into how such information was obtained??

    • aznew

      this kind of crap hurts Perriello campaign.

      Robert Hurt is the slickest, most typical, dishonest, say-anything-to-get-elected, pandering, slipperiest kind of politician imaginable. Instead, this story sets up as some kind of childish online pissing match between Tom himself and this putz from the NRCC (I know those aren’t the facts — I’m merely saying that’s how this story plays).

      I understand that economic problems have stoked voter anger, and as the incumbent, Tom Perriello is the object of that. Well, that’s the job he signed on for, so I have no sympathy for him on that score.

      But voting against Perriello is only one-half of the equation. Representative Democracy is a zero-sum game, and while this election is, in many respects, a referendum on Perriello (and, to a greater extent, Obama), it also present the question of whether Hurt ought to be elected to Congress because, to borrow a phrase from a disaster movie, there will be a day after tomorrow.

      The answer t that question is clearly no. When presented as a choice, Perriello is, by far, the better, more honest, more honorable choice.

      My point, in commenting on this thread, is that we need to keep the focus on comparing Tom Perriello’s honorable record of working hard, reaching thoughtful decisions, willingness to discuss and defend those decisions to constituents and working tirelessly to serve the residents of this district with any problems they have in Washington, DC, with Hurt’s record of evasion, refusal to debate, disavowal and denial of his earlier record in raising taxes and unwillingness to address any current issues forthrightly and honestly.

      Despite paying lip service to protecting social security, Hurt has yet to state where he stands on Social Security. He has NEVER said he would not vote to privatize Social Security.  Would he cut benefits? Raise the retirement age? Does he think Social Security is a Constitutional use of Congressional power?

      When he says Social Security is a promise that must be kept, HE IS SAYING NOTHING. It is pablum. Everyone (well, not Alan Simpson) believes that. But go back and look carefully at what he says on this topic, and you will here the slick words of a politician trying to bamboozle the masses with a wink and a nod to the ideological winds driving the GOP surge.

      Of listen to Hurt dance around the issue of deficit reduction. He points to the Paul Ryan plan, but suggests he doesn’t subscribe to the parts of Ryan’s plan pertaining to privatization of social security. This is like saying you have read all of Hamlet, except for Acts One through Four. If Hurt doesn’t buy into this part of Ryan’s plan, then he ought to explain, with specificity, how he proposes cutting the budget.

      Or Hurt want the support of Tea Partiers in the district. Well, where does he stand on the Tea Party issues? Does he believe in limited Congressional powers? I don’t mean does he think HCR is unconstitutional — all conservatives running today make that argument — where does he stand on Congressional action on civil rights? Would he be intellectually honest like Rand Paul? If not, where does he think the limit on Congressional power lays.

      All citizens of the Fifth District, Democratic, Republican, Progressive, Conservative, Tea Partiers continuous partiers, all have the right to know where our candidates stand on these issues.

      Perriello’s positions are well known. Hurt continues to evade and dodge questions.