Bill Clinton on Tea Party, Obama Getting His “Groove” Back


    The discussion of the “Tea Party insurrection,” as Bill Clinton calls it, is from around 7:30 to  about 9:42.  The discussion of President Obama and how he’s “getting his groove back” goes from about 10:00 to 12:50 or so.  Also, at about 13:35-13:40 Clinton says it would increase President Obama’s chances for reelection if the Democrats lose the House of Representatives in November, but also that it might not be good for the country.  As always, Bill Clinton is an astute political analyst/junkie, well worth listening to.

    • blue bronc

      If Obama and his administration would listen to Clinton that would be very good.  I think a little of what Obama has spent wasted much of the time doing was not being Bill.  

      Clinton looked very good and seems to be well recovered from the heart problems.