Glenn Beck and Randy Forbes: A Match Made on C Street


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    Last week, Glenn Beck traveled to Washington to sell books, gold, and his own unique take on religion in America.  Joining him were far-right luminaries including Sarah Palin, John Hagee, and my opponent, the founder and chair of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, J. Randy Forbes.

    My campaign manager had some words to say on the Beck-Forbes “Divine Destiny” event in a recent email to our supporters:

    Do you think Congress should take action to turn our economy around, end our involvement in needless wars, and shift us to a clean, renewable energy future?  Randy Forbes doesn’t.

    Last Friday, Glenn Beck held a “revival style” event at the Kennedy Center the night before his rally on the National Mall.  Randy Forbes introduced Beck to the crowd and said, “answers for our country’s problems don’t have to come from Congress, they come from the hand of God.”  Now, if individuals wish to pray for the good of our nation, we would support that, but our Congressman really should have at least one or two ideas about how he could be working to bring jobs and economic prosperity here to Southside Virginia…

    That’s why Wynne LeGrow decided to run for Congress, and that’s why we need your help.  Forbes, with the help of friends like Glenn Beck, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to buy his way into Congress yet again…

    Forbes went on to say that America is “the greatest nation this world has ever known,” and in the next breath asked God to forgive us for any pride or conceit, “if we have any.”  Sermons are fine for church, but Randy Forbes’ own “Congressional Prayer Caucus” won’t solve any of our problems.

    This nation is great specifically because we recognize that while our people must have the absolute freedom to worship as they choose, our government needs to be free from religion and focus on the sort of policies and programs that made this nation great in the first place and the ideas that will make it great for years to come.

    “Answers for our country’s problems don’t have to come from Congress, they come from the hand of God”?  Mr. Forbes, if you want to be a preacher, that’s fine, there are many good churches in Southside Virginia, but the district only has one representative in the US House, and that individual should focus on what Congress, not a higher power, can do for the country.

    I am a nonbeliever who thinks that we cannot allow people like Randy Forbes, John Boehner, and Eric Cantor to take control of Congress only to criticize Democrats and hope some divine force steps in to do the hard work of creating jobs, saving our planet, and strengthening public education.

    I want to work with the President to stimulate our economy by creating a well-educated workforce.  I want to save Social Security not by cutting benefits or raising the retirement age but by eliminating Bush-era war spending and tax cuts for the wealthy.  I know that if our leaders do not take action on climate change now, our world will be irrevocably damaged for generations to come.  I want to believe that Congress can move past the partisanship and politics it is known for and do something real to help the American people.

    I need your support getting there.  Join my campaign to defeat the Beck-Forbes agenda and help me tackle Virginia’s own leader of the American Theocracy.

    • libra

      here (Blue Virginia) actually know Dr LeGrow or is Lowkell’s promotion to the front page considered to be sufficient by itself? The reason I’m asking is that, here, Dr LeGrow says he’s a nonbeliever and that he wants to work with the President.

      As I am an atheist myself, I was intrigued enough (in Virginia???) to go to the website. Where, in the “learn more about”, I saw “as a son of a minister” being paraded instead. And, not only is Obama’s not mentioned, Dr LeGrow is identifying himself as a “candidate”, not a “Democratic candidate”. Granted, on the front page, all the blogging entries spell his positions and allegiance quite clearly, but the “about” page disturbed me enough to ask.

      I’m in the 6th and already supporting Periello in the 5th but, what with not sending any money to the official Dem organisations (DNC, DCCC, DSCC) on top of having cut down, 6-fold, on smoking, I have a bit of spare cash and would consider a small donation towards turning the 4th blue. But, I need some reassurance from the good folk here, that it’s the right thing to do.  

    • libra

      $50 is on its way to Dr LeGrow, via the website. I’m glad I asked!

      @Dan. I’m not looking  for a “return on my investment”, nor is my contribution to LeGrow going to shortchange Periello in any way. Periello got some money from me already and will continue to get more from both me and my husband. I don’t care whether Forbes is (or looks like) “a lock”. It’s my belief however that, although you may lose a fight and not get what you want, you are certain to lose it, if you don’t even try to engage in the fight in the first place. Call it my personal version of Dean’s 50-States strategy, just scaled down 🙂

      @lowkell. Nye was never on my “contribution horizon”, so I don’t care what he calls himself. And, as a matter of fact, while I did vote for Warner, I did not support him financially, either. The little bit of money I do have at my disposal wouldn’t have made any difference to him even if I had liked him half as much as I did Webb (which I hadn’t). I do think that people who run as Dems should be proud of it, not try to hide it as if it were some shameful or aberrant behaviour.

      @antonio_m_elias. I don’t expect anyone to run on his religion (or lack thereof). Indeed, quite the opposite —  I’d like for all politicians to keep their religion at home and out of the public forum. It was the mention of minister father that seemed at odds with what Dr LeGrow said here, that had me a bit uncomfortable.

    • Venu

      my knowledge was that Forbes was running in unopposed in this district.