• The Richmonder

    They should have slipped something into the stimulus bill that would make it a penalty to vote against the stimulus and then take credit for any part of it.

  • Teddy Goodson

    Well, correct (I prefer to use “correct” rather than “right” nowadays).

    She says: “Democrats are not campaigning. Republicans are running on the Democrats’ record.” Such stupidity and lack of intestinal fortitude on the part of Democrats is disgusting, almost as disgusting as the Republicans begging for stimulus money while claiming it does not work. What is the matter with Democrats? They seem to have been trained by the Republican Fox media to self-censor themselves. They are so afraid Fox will attack them and that Republicans will sneer at them, they won’t fight.That goes for Obama as well as Congressional Democrats. Talk about successful psychological warfare by Republicans!

    Wake up and speak up, Dems, get your rear in gear. You can still win!

    I wonder if this inertia is the result of more of those expensive consultants’ advice. Or more of consultants’ “focus groups.” Get rid of ’em all.