• antonio_m_elias

    Presumably it will run during the day, when ad space is cheaper and the audience is older.

    But, I couldn’t help but notice that every face in the ad was not just a senior citizen – they were all white.

    My Southside sensibility says that no Democrat can win without the help of African Americans, but I just looked it up: Kentucky is about 92% white.  Yeesh!

  • Brian

    Ever since Rand Paul showed his true colors of what America he’d like to see, the post or pre 1964 one, I’ve been actively watching on the sidelines. Conway looks to be in a position to take the lead,as Paul is saying stuff,like he wants the locals to deal with their own local drug problem,this is the mark of inexperience,rather than the Feds. I don’t know Kentucky politics, but like Rahm stepping down as WH chief of staff to run and will win the mayor’s office of Chicago, a lot of the news seems to be how Washington would like to see events unfold,rather than how they are unfolding.  And Conway’s got a big presence on the internet. Donated money to his campaign. A new poll has the race tightening.