Home National Politics Jan Brewer. Anti-Immigrant Demagogue. Imbecile.

Jan Brewer. Anti-Immigrant Demagogue. Imbecile.


Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the leader of the anti-immigrant movement in this country. Yes, she’s an imbecile, and yes she’s completely off her rocker, but just ignore all that and…oh forget it!

P.S. Even more lunacy after the “flip,” this time on supposed “immigrant beheadings” (what next, aliens with anal probes?).

P.P.S. I wonder if Corey Stewart, Ken Cuccinelli, and the other anti-immigrant heroes here in Virginia believe in the “immigrant beheadings” insanity as well.

  • blue bronc

    Practice. Have notes handy just in case you get brain freeze. Read notes.

    Did anybody mop the floor after her?

  • Dan Sullivan
  • KathyinBlacksburg

    And, of course, she had a brain freeze.  Look at the topic for the debate. It was billed the “Clean Elections” debate.  If she had a brain freeze, that would be the news and not what she has done.

    Take a look at what investigative journalist Greg Palast revealed here.

  • libra

    she’s capable of learning from her mistakes; she’s not going to appear in any more debates (joining Palin and Angle in their typical Panicky Trot, whenever journalists with not pre-approved questions, threaten to descend) 🙂


  • blue bronc

    I just spotted a line while scanning headlines that she is walking back the decapitated body lie.  I guess her geography class was a sleep period because the bodies are in Mexico, not Arizona and she has problems distinguishing between countries.

  • NotJohnSMosby

    Of what a President shouldn’t do – nominate a sitting Senator or Governor for a cabinet position if there isn’t another Dem in line to take their place.  Not that Napolitano is doing a bad job, but in Arizona, which is kind of the Bizarro World evil to California weirdness, you never want to let the Republicans have an inch.  Handing them the governorship was just asking for it.

    By the way, California weirdness is usally benign.  Like Jerry Brown.  Arizona weirdness is usually tragic, like voting against MLK day or approving the current idiocy that is the “immigration” statutes.  I mean, the state won’t even do Daylight Savings Time, just to be special.

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    She admits to an “error,” (but doesn’t admit she made stuff up).

    She just “cares,” yes, cares about manipulating AZ voters.