Miles Grant on the “Idiocene” Era and “Blight at the Museum”


    Great job by Miles, it’s utterly disgraceful (and horrifying) that the Smithsonian has teamed up with one of the most heinous human beings in America, David Koch, to present a “science” exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. How far we’ve sunk as a nation; as NWF President Larry Schweiger points out, we truly have entered the Idiocene period of human history at this point. Sigh.

    P.S. Miles, how do you keep a straight face with “Dirty the Sock Puppet” purring in your ear? 🙂

    • antonio_m_elias

      When I was at Sierra Club my job was working on bipartisan legislation to create transparency in international resources extraction – Exxon Mobil, Sierra Club, several foreign governments, LCV, Chevron, etc. all supported it.

      We had only one opponent: Koch Industries.  This was particularly notable because the proposed law only applied to publicly traded corporations.  Koch is private.

      They lobbied against a commonsense law that wouldn’t even apply to them because… they can?

      Way to go Miles – your job is officially more fun than any of ours, even if it is depressing to see Koch pull this bs day after day.

    • Teddy Goodson

      Let’s remember the basic rule of capitalism: everything has a price (and everybody has a price) and that price is set by free trading in “the market”—- so the one who makes the most money is clearly superior—- certain Christian groups actually confuse affluence with righteousness, “God wants you to be rich,” and if you are rich, you deserve it, because you are obviously Saved, that is, better than lesser rich folks.

      Given this psuedo-religion, Koch industries and the brothers Koch are absolutely entitled to buy and promote any opinion they want. This is basic Republican-Ayn Rand philosophy applied in real life.

      In this situation, therefore, the bad person is not David Koch or his brother. It is the head of the Smithsonian who no douhbt solicited Koch money for the exhibit, and agreed to give Koch control of the exhibit. He should be fired.

    • We try to take care not to make fun of average people who unsure on climate science — we’re pointing out that a lot of their sources of information are just sockpuppeting polluter talking points.

      In terms of keeping a straight face, that was much harder to do when I debated a former George W. Bush administration energy official who tried to claim Dubya was renewable power’s best friend (about 10:51 in here).