Virginia, Meet Nicole


    As rain continues moving up from the south across Virginia, looks like it’s going to get even rougher tomorrow. Tropical Depression 16 is forecast to become Tropical Storm Nicole, moving quickly up the Atlantic Coast over the next few days. How much rain will she bring? reports, “Localized amounts of 8 inches or more are not out of question,” in the eastern half of Virginia & the DC area.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      We have been looking forward to getting a new roof for most of this summer. First, during the dry weather for the last month or two, we were down the contractor’s list of jobs. Then, the drought broke with three days of rain that postponed work. Finally, Monday was to be our turn. Rain. Yesterday was a beautiful fall day. The men finished one half of the roof, made sure we were still watertight, and planned to finish today. Rain. Forecast for tomorrow: rain. Thanks. Nicole. First we couldn’t get the rain we needed this summer. Now, you bring more rain than the dry ground can handle. Meanwhile, we do have half a new roof.

      Seriously though, no metropolitan area can handle 8 or more inches of rain without some flooding. So, Nicole, go east a bit.