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Will New Evidence Convince Cuccinelli to Drop War on Climate Science?


One of the things you always hear from science deniers like Ken Cuccinelli is that if only there were more research on global warming, it would align with their political opinion that climate change is (depending on the day):

  • Not happening
  • Happening but not our fault
  • Happening & our fault, but oh, it’s not so bad
  • Sunspots! Martian warming! Fartgate, follow the smell!

But the problem with that is, the more scientists look into climate change, the more they find the planet is warming, manmade carbon emissions are to blame, and we need to switch to clean energy sources as soon as possible to avert catastrophic impacts.

So now that two new independent studies have both come to the conclusion that current global warming is unprecedented in magnitude, speed & cause, do you think Ken Cuccinelli will consider his demand for more research fulfilled, drop his attacks on the Clean Air Act & support more wind farms & energy efficiency in Virginia?

Yeah, me neither.

  • The fact is that Cooch’s opposition to taking action to save our planet from being fried to a crisp isn’t based on science, it’s based on his extremist, anti-environmental ideology. The question is, what is driving his extremism? Is it the large donations he receives from the fossil energy and natural resources sector? Is it his apocalyptic religious beliefs, which basically hopes for/expects the end of the world, so why bother preserving it for future generation? Is he simply pandering, or does he actually believe the insanity he spews out? Other? All of the above?

  • Jim B

    As just about anything involving republicans it is money that is the driving factor. They claim to to religious, but don’t follow the bible unless it is in their interest moneywise. If climate change could be addressed by not spending there may be a few converts. The fact using solar and wind could be used doesn’t sway them since it is not an immediate thing to be done. Of course that presents a another problem for us is they can’t see anything beyond today.

  • blue bronc

    CH Cooch will never have enough evidence to stop his attacks on science. It is research and thinking that he is attacking. Besides he is god so he knows what is what without mere mortals getting in the way.

  • Old Redneck

    Cooch is a born-again, biblethumping, holyrolling christian.  These people NEVER change their minds because GOD HAS REVEALED THE TRUTH TO THEM and you can’t argue with God.

  • kindler

    …are two words that have no business being in the same sentence.

    The scariest thing in politics is when people start to believe their own lies. Yes, the whole climate change denial bit was whipped up and funded by Exxon-Mobil, Koch Industries and company, but it’s now taken on a life of its own — to the point that right wing Neanderthals now think that they’re striking a blow against “socialism” by denying scientific evidence!

    It’s what happens when ideology gets so out of hand that it declares war on reality itself.  And when such a mania is used by demagogues to stir up an angry mob, it becomes downright dangerous.