Arlington “Artisphere” Opens Its Doors


    Yet another great reason why Arlington, Virginia is one of the best communities in the nation — “Artisphere” has opened. Here’s a bit of video from earlier this evening, at the facility’s “open house,” which continues tomorrow.

    On 10.10.10, the first of a new breed of American cultural centers opens its doors to the DC region: ARTISPHERE.  Combining the newly-renovated former Newseum space with the existing Spectrum Theatre next door, Artisphere’s multi-disciplinary cultural offerings will permeate this 62,000 square foot cultural campus seven days a week, 12 hours a day, offering more than 100 events per month!    A departure from the traditional “arts temple” one visits sporadically to see a big star, Artisphere is a true “third space” — a place between office and home where the cultural experience is a multi-optioned conduit for patrons to connect with and create community. With a broader diversity of offerings than most traditional cultural centers.  On a typical evening, you can finish up some work in the Wi-Fi cafe, take a break and view the exhibits in any of three galleries, then “tweet” some friends to join you later for an experimental film in the Dome, or dance to regional and nationally-known live bands in the Ballroom.   The resident companies include Washington Shakespeare Company and National Chamber Ensemble;  Artisphere will also include a retail outlet for the Artisan Center, Arlington’s official fine craft purveyors, a Wi-Fi Town Square with a two story video wall, a cafe and bar, an outdoor terrace, and a 4,000 square foot art gallery.

    A great new facility, in the old “Newseum” building right near Rosslyn Metro, it seems that there’s going to be something for just about everyone at this facility. Check it out!

    • Fiona Usa

      Yes, what Arlington needs to do is to close the Aurora Hills Branch of the public library where your kids would waste a lot of time trying to learn about flowers, animals, stars and math rather than do the thing that counts the most in Arlington, learning to canvass and phone bank for the local political party in power.

      If all the kids spent their time supervised by the local Fagin who supervises volunteers for Arlington poliitcal candidates, they would not only be developing useful life skills but building a track record for a career as a consultant in political campaigns for the ruling party in the County.

      Think of it.  No libraries to hold these kids back from being True Believers in the Party Chosen for Them.  Campaign experience for all.  Fundraising experience for all.

      The County Board has put Aurora Hills Public Library on the chopping block and is not full of remorse that they did this.  If they really wanted to do a job on books, why not burn them as Hitler once did? Why not do a “Kristalnacht” by sending some Nazi over to break your windows if you happen to be Jewish and want to vote for somebody in another political party because the one in yours said nasty things about the Jews?

      There are so many ways to give people the message, “Books no, Entertainment, yes!”

      Nazis are big, big box office in Hollywood, as we all know.

      Say yes to bands of roving youth doing drugs and getting high in Rosslyn.  Say yes to bad art, bad performance and bad films.

      Say yes to the man to whom Mayor Doug Wilder said no.

      Say yes to the director of recreatio and parks.

      Yes, yes, yes, said Molly Bloom.

      You don’t even know what I am talking about, do you, Arlington County Board because you don’t even read.