Care About the Deficit? Don’t Vote Republican!


    Ezra KleinThe Center for American Progress crunched the numbers, being “extremely generous” to the “GOP’s vague spending cuts,” and demolished – in one simple chart – the myth that Republicans would do more to reduce the deficit than Democrats. In short, the GOP “pledge” to “stop out-of-control spending and reduce the size of the government” is complete nonsense, just as it was during the Reagan and Bush years when they grew the government and exploded the budget deficit. Given that pathetic track record, why would anyone believe them now?

    • Teddy Goodson

      you already get it, but I’ll bet most voters will only notice that for 2011 it is the Democrats whose budget deficit spikes, and the Republicans whose proposals are below the Democratic deficit. It is not until 2012 that the truth becomes apparent, and the Republicans’ proposals are clearly adding more to the deficit than those of the Democrats. That’s a whole 18 months away! That’s an eternity in politics.

      I saw this graph, too, and thought it was an excellent explanation in a graphic nutshell of Republican lies.

    • The Donkey

      who crunched the numbers: and kudos to them — I hope this graph goes everywhere, and debunks the gobbledegook that is being peddled to voters by the GOP about the deficit.

      But is Obama’s alternative different enough? We are only talking about a 1% difference in long term deficits as a percentage of GDP. Why should we consider deficits as 4 or 5 percent of GDP acceptable?

      The Bush tax cuts should never have happened in the first place. Looking at these numbers, continuing the Bush tax cuts — even for income under $250,000 — is a luxury we cannot afford.