Chap on ABC Privatization, 2013 Gubernatorial Race


    This seems to be my morning to link to Republican blogs. Must be something in the summer-like autumn air or something. 🙂  Anyway, I wanted to draw your attention to The Virginia Gentleman’s interview with Chap Petersen, in which Chap covers a number of interesting topics.  First, ABC privatization:

    I am opposed to the plan for a couple reasons. First, the ABC franchise is a successful business for its owner, the Virginia taxpayer. I won’t sell it for a discount as that would be a net loss for that state (and a gift for the buyers). Also, I am very hesitant to sell/auction off 1,000 licenses to sell hard liquor. We will be losing control of this industry and the effects will be harmful and focused on certain neighborhoods. Therefore, I oppose that aspect — much as I opposed payday lending when that was legalized in 2002.

    Well said, hopefully this plan is either Dead on Arrival or – better yet – Dead BEFORE Arrival.  The main question is, what on earth were Bob McDonnell and his advisors thinking on this one?  Duhhhh.

    Chap has a lot more thoughts on various topics, but one worth highlighting relates to the 2013 race for governor.  As of now, it appears that Terry McAuliffe is the front runner, most likely by a wide margin, but here’s Chap on whether he’s interested in running as well:

    Yes, eventually. As for 2013, I’m focused on 2011 right now. I’m taking nothing for granted. The 34th is historically a swing district.

    So, there you have it; Chap Petersen will be will not be might be a candidate for governor in 2013. Or not. But my betting is that he will be a candidate.  Let’s face it, as much as Chap denies it, he believes he could be a great governor.  My guess is that he also wants to beat Cooch, once and for all.  Stay tuned.

    • vaambition

      Chap’s record on guns is not what the Democratic primary audiance looks for

    • totallynext

      We need to develop our farm team a little better.

      Two stronger candidates – terry and Ward are already milling this – one more would just cause the same harm as last time.

      I know you cannot anoint candidates but DPVA should be doing some serious counselling right about now.

    • Mike1987

      Rev McDonnell has religious issues with the demon spirits, at least according to all the “special” interests who would gain from this. I’m surprised Cooch has not sued the Commonwealth over its selling of Satan’s brew.

    • libra

      Petersen in the photo? He should be able to win on looks alone, at least with broads my age (61) and older 🙂