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Glenn Nye Schools Clueless Scott Rigell on DADT


“Scott Rigell accused Rep Glenn Nye of voting to end DADT despite the advice of Military leadership. Rep Nye then explained to Rigell that the vote did not end DADT, but rather gave the Sec. of Defense the permission to do so. Nye also explained that he voted to examine the option of ending the policy based on the recommendation of Military leaders. (Debate 10/15/10)”

The question for 2nd CD voters is this: do you want an uninformed, extreme, slippery, used-car salesman representing you in Congress the next two years?  No, didn’t think so.

  • averageguy

    But he’s a slippery, uninformed, new car salesman.

    I’ve really got nothing other than a bad joke, as I agree with you. His ads are dishonest and misleading. He’s all over talking points, and attacking Nye on uncontrollables. Congress can’t prevent job loss. They can only run the government like it should be run.

    I don’t like or agree with most of Nye’s votes, but I can still honestly admit he’s independent enough to seriously consider voting for. Rigell is not.