GOP Governance in Action: Christie “casts a dark shadow over the economic future of New Jersey”


    For anyone wondering what you’ll get if you elect Republicans this November, look no further:

    Governor Chris Christie today announced he would cancel the Access to the Region’s Core tunnel project – the largest public transit project underway in the nation – citing potential cost overrun concerns.

    The decision casts a dark shadow over the economic future of New Jersey. The State will lose out on an astonishing $6 billion matching contributions from the federal government and Port Authority. The tunnel would have opened New Jerseyans’ access to Manhattan’s lucrative job market, raised tax revenues for the state and local governments, boosted property values, provided a more reliable and faster commute to hundreds of thousands of NJ TRANSIT commuters and drivers, and saved on greenhouse gas emissions.

    By the way, Chris Christie has a number of things in common with Bob McDonnell. For instance, both were endorsed by Sarah Barracuda. Both were introduced by (now disgraced, now former) SC governor Mark Sanford in early 2009 (see photo above).  Christie screwed up and lost federal “Race to the Top” money, while McDonnell simply withdrew Virginia completely from the program.  Both are presiding over the disintegration of their states’ transportation infrastructures (McDonnell has no plan, other than an absurd, gimmicky, 1-time sell-off of the state’s ABC stores). And both have national ambitions.  This, my friends, is today’s Republican Party, and possibly its future. The horror, the horror.

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      His disrespect and downright abusive treatment of teachers see this article and his efforts to destroy NJ schools on behalf of the Billionaire Boys Club is more reason to vote him (and those like him) out.

      Witness the infamous AG persecution of one college professor in order to intimidate all the rest.  The forces behind the recent crop of GOP candidates casts a dark shadow on all of America.  They especially have their sites on teachers, workers, the middle class, the poor, the sick.  But, evidently too many Americans do not get it.  In their convenient efforts to scapegoat segments of the population they don’t like, distrust, envy, or fear, millions of voters have handed over the GOP to hypocrites (eg. all of them, but especially Miller, Angle, O’Donnell, Palin, Paladino), thugs (Paladino), liars (all of them), tax avoiders (O’Donnell), and extremists (all of them) and those with their cognitive functioning in jeopardy (Bauchmann, O’Donnell, Angle, Paladino, Art Robinson

    • blue bronc

      It must be that time of the election season when idiots go into padded room time. One line in the articles pointed out that he was saying that he was going to take the $3B earmarked for the tunnel project from the feds and use it as he wanted.  I need to do some more reading about that, the money was to the tunnel project, not for his political slush funds. Also, the fine state of New Jersey will have to repay over $500M already paid in the tunnel.

      This is a huge example of the same “we are tribes only, men guard your chattel” thinking that is why the fire fighters stood by to watch a house burn. There is no community or social structure under their plan. There is no government.