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More Photos at the Sanity/Fear Rally


A few more shots from the big rally today.   All I have to say is that the sanity was insane.  Ok, I know, like you didn’t see that one coming.

Anyway, it really was crazy crowded down there.  I don’t think the organizers saw THAT coming.  Although they should have.  Unfortunately (yeah, right) I missed the Glenn Beck rally but I’m sure that this rally drew a whole lot more people.  Sane people win!

Theme of the day:

  • ranged from a low of 10 million (Jon Stewart, surveying the throngs) to 2 BILLION (Stephen Colbert, pondering what it’s like to be king of the world – oh wait, that’s James Cameron). Anyway…

  • blue bronc

    Here it is 6pm and there are no estimates that come from news organizations.  From the reports from around the District I have been reading it sounds like at least two hundred thousand and closer to 300,000, and possibly even higher.  everything is packed around the District.

    This was definitely not Whitestock.

    I had planned on going to a post rally party, but can’t get anywhere near it driving or taking Metro.