Patrick Murray Doesn’t Even Try to Hide His Extremism


    (8th District Republican Patrick Murray is baaaaack (once again in a kamikaze mission against Jim Moran for Congress). For his statement, click here. For more on Murray, click here, here, and here. This should be fun! 🙂 – promoted by lowkell)

    Wow, is this brazen or what?  Patrick Murray, a Republican running for Congress in the bluer-than-blue 8th district, unabashedly poses with Alaska extremist nutjob Joe Miller and even brags that they were “out campaigning on Friday night?”  Oh, and if you’re curious, click here to learn how Joe Miller thinks the federal minimum wage should be eliminated, unemployment benefits are “unconstitutional,” abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape or incest, the Department of Education should be eliminated, etc., etc. Also, check out Miller’s website and read about his belief that “[t]he  science supporting manmade climate change is inconclusive,” that “ObamaCare” is unconstitutional, and much much more. The question is, why doesn’t Patrick Murray even try to hide his extremism, or at least his proud association with extremists, in an overwhelmingly Democratic and progressive district?  Bizarre.

    P.S. Having a crazy, extreme opponent like Patrick Murray is one of the main reasons why Jim Moran doesn’t have to worry much about stories like this one (or any other in this district, at least for this general election).

    UPDATE: Add crazy Jim DeMint to the list of Patrick Murray’s extremist pals. (see the photo after the “fold”).

    • Here’s a picture of Murray with Sen. Jim “Unmarried Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Teach” Demint. The caption: “The Senator and I share the belief that we must take serious steps now to manage the debt and entitlement spending.” I wonder what other beliefs Murray & DeMint share?

    • blue bronc

      No reason to hide the sheets and nuttiness anymore.  These people are where they are because of their hate of anything smacking of civilization and government.

      How to get the word out to voters?  I sure do not like the idea of letting us experience it again. The eight years of the bush/cheney/rove regime has nearly killed our country. We can’t take anymore of it.  I sure would like Obama to really get out more of the Center (I know he has no desire to go Progressive so I will accept something in the center) excitement.

    • Will Radle

      since losing to Jim Moran by a 24 point margin in 2010?

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