Patrick Murray Involved in Hit and Run, Leaves Scene of Accident


    As if the Joe Miller, Rand Paul and Eric Cantor incidents weren’t enough, we now have yet another example of Republicans Gone Wild.

    The back of Republican congressional candidate Patrick Murray’s campaign bus swiped a Jeep in Old Town Alexandria last night and drove off without leaving a note, a witness and the Jeep’s owner tell Alexandria Police say they’re investigating the accident as a hit and run.

    The alleged incident happened while the bus was trying to turn from King Street onto Union Street around 7:00 last night, witness Jennifer Watkins said in a phone interview this morning. Watkins said the back of the bus loudly scraped against the side of the Jeep, briefly lifting it in the air.

    Watkins estimated that about 30 people were within earshot of the accident. The bus was adorned with campaign signs, she said, and a Murray for Congress SUV preceded the bus down King Street with a megaphone blaring.

    Also, it’s important to emphasize that the candidate, Patrick Murray, was in the bus at the time it was involved in the hit and run (and leaving the scene of an accident).  There are many eyewitnesses, so it’s not like they can deny it. So, why would they do this? Panic? Stupidity?  Don’t care? What?

    P.S. I also hear that the campaign megaphone was blaring that Patrick Murray was in the bus when it hit the Jeep. Brilliant!

    UPDATE: Also, witnesses report that the bus did not stop for the driver to get out and that no note was left. Nice.

    • notlarrysabato

      He and Gerry can form a support group for politicians who think they are above the law.  

    • Dan Sullivan

      Not a word about this on the knee jerk blogs. Of course, Tom, did stop and take responsibility, so there was something about it that awed Republicans.

    • antonio_m_elias

      Why would a low-tier candidate running in the smallest (geographically) district in Virginia need a bus?  It’s not like he has a large campaign team with great distances to travel.

    • I mean – a tour bus is kind of what the locals in the 8th are against.  Its dirty, blocks parking and traffic, and has the ability to get into accidents…

    • kindler

      …I saw a total of 2 campaign workers with the candidate.  A huge tour bus, belching tons of polluting diesel emissions to cart around 3 people?  With a carbon footprint like that, the guy ought to be nicknamed Sasquatch.