Record DNC Haul; But Wait, The Media Said the Dems Were Dead!


    So, the DNC raises “more than $16 million in September,” largely from small donors, yet the corporate/idiot media’s been telling me relentlessly that Democrats are dead. It’s so confusing, especially given polls like this one, which indicate that Democrats are very much alive and kicking with four weeks to go until election day. Hmmmm…could the “lamestream media” be wrong? What a concept.

    P.S. In other political money news, it turns out that the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling has led to conservatives spending like there’s no tomorrow, fueling the “bottom up” (not!) Tea Party among other things.

    • VA Blogger

      And its good of you to cherrypick the Newsweek poll—which doesn’t even show good news for Democrats, just it doesn’t show bad—especially since its a poll of Registered Voters and Adults, not Likely Voters.

      It’s not the media narrative that’s driving reality, it’s reality that’s driving the media narrative. We can discuss at length until the cows come home the inherent laziness of pseudo-journalists who hop upon the “angry voter” bandwagon, or overestimate the Tea Party’s support in the general election (to make up for underestimating their support in GOP primaries). But that doesn’t change three simple realities:

      1) President Obama’s approval ratings are underwater nationwide, and in many key swing states (like the Midwest and Rust Belt), it’s even worse.

      2) Democrats are on track to lose a minimum of 5 Senate seats, and as many as 8-10.

      3) Democrats are on track to lose the House of Representatives (a 65% chance, according to Nate Silver); at worst, they’ll have a very narrow majority with conservative Blue Dogs making up the margin.

      This is the reality of the 2010 election cycle, and no amount of money raised by the DNC will change that. And you know the most substantial proof of this? Look at how many ads, by Democrats  (including incumbents), we have seen running against Pelosi and Obama.

    • Glen Tomkins

      The amount of direct contributions has become irrelevant.  “Independent” expenditures, the Citizens United money, outweigh the direct contributions by 7:1.

      So great, the Dems are winning the direct contributions contest.  People who want to contribute with transparency and accountability, following all the rules put in place to put some limits on the legalized bribery we call “campaign finance”, are overwhelmingly Democrats.  People who understandably want to avoid accountability and transparency as they buy legislators, are overwhelmingly Republican.  Dog bites man.  Not news to people who have been paying attention.  

    • blue bronc

      I was just watching the MSNBC 10am show. As usual with the newsy important person at the desk set up for the 2 Republican talking point persons and this time no Dems, but a former network newsreader, Dan Rather (looking extremely large).  The R’s spewed all sorts of bull splatter and there was no “what is your source?” “what do you have to back that up?”  One of the stupidest statements was that the Dems have lots more money than the Repubs coming in to the campaign, but it was “secret” money.  Also, that the Repubs had no “secret” money.  One of the many reasons I do not bother watching any of the shows anymore.  If someone says something stupid, regardless of party, they should be challenged on it.

    • Old Redneck

      So the Democratic Party has outraised the Republicants.

      HOWEVER — private groups, encouraged by the Citizens United decision are pouring a zillion or so dollars into campaigns, almost 100 percent in support of Republican and Teahadist candidates.

      Citizens United dramatically changed the landscape.  While the $16 million the Dems raised is good news, it still can’t balance out the millions being spent by private groups in support of Republicans.

      What I’m trying to say tactfully is:  Dems raise $16 million.  SO WHAT??  It’s all but irrelevant.

    • Brian

      Throughout our history there have been presidents that were larger than life commodities, and they sold memorabilia:Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, JFK. Obama got a lot of milage on people wanting a shirt, or a button, that had him on it. Not a lot of presidents can claim that trait, nor can they make it last. Judging by that threshold, its kind of healthy to gather our senses and lose seats.