Scott Rigell Endorsed by Hate Group, Wacko Conspiracy Theorist


    Thanks to Michael in Norfolk for the tip on this one. It turns out that Scott Rigell’s website lists the Reverend Lou Sheldon – chairman of the “Traditional Values Coalition”, as an endorser of Rigell’s candidacy for Congress. A screenshot of the endorsement is on the “flip” (also, click on the image above to “embiggen”). So, what’s the problem with being endorsed by Reverend Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition?

    First of all, as Michael in Norfolk points out, the TVC is listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an “active anti-gay hate group.”  That’s right, a hate group, listed right along with groups like the Nation of Islam,  the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, etc.

    Second, Sheldon and the Traditional Values Coalition are simply bat**** crazy, espousing the view for instance that:

    A dangerous Marxist/Leftist/Homosexual/Islamic coalition has formed – and we’d better be willing to fight it with everything in our power. These people are playing for keeps. Their hero, Mao Tse Tung is estimated to have murdered upwards of 60 million people during his reign of terror in China. Do we think we can escape such persecution if we refuse to fight for what is right?

    As I said, they’re completely, absolutely, Dick Black-level, bat**** crazy.

    Finally, as if all that’s not bad enough – and it is! – Rev. Sheldon is also linked closely to the Jack Abramoff and Mariana Islands worker abuse scandals!

    more after the “fold”

    Sheldon was an associate of Jack Abramoff, the Republican lobbyist jailed for influence peddling. Sheldon worked with Abramoff to lobby members of the US Congress to kill the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. Abramoff directed his client, eLottery, to direct $25,000 in payments to Sheldon’s Traditional Values Coalition.

    The TVC has also been linked to the Mariana Islands worker abuse scandal. The organization was used by Abramoff to pay for the trip of at least one member of Congress to visit the island, then-Congressman Bob Schaffer. The Denver Post reported that the TVC paid the $13,000 travel bill for the trip, organized by Abramoff’s lobbying firm.

    This is who has endorsed Scott Rigell for Congress. The question is, will Rigell disavow this endorsement and remove it from his website immediately? If not, we must assume that Rigell agrees with this crazy, corrupt “hate group.” Which will it be, Mr. Rigell?

    • Rigell also lists former State Senator Nick Rerras as endorsing him.  Check this out.

      Several mental health advocates say state Sen. D. Nick Rerras has twice during the past four years expressed extreme and insensitive positions about the origins of mental illness, including the belief that psychological disorders are caused by spiritual demons.


      Bob Armstrong, a member of the Norfolk Community Services Board, was sitting near Rerras when the conversation turned to mental illness. Armstrong, who has a daughter with mental illness, was chairman of the Norfolk chapter of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill for about 15 years before recently stepping down.

      During the discussion, Rerras said he believed mental illness was caused by demons, according to Armstrong and another person who heard the conversation. Neither Armstrong nor the other participant are associated with the Protogyrou campaign.

      Rerras also said he believed that God may be punishing families by giving children mental illnesses, according to the other person who heard the conversation. Armstrong and the second witness said the people who heard it were shocked. “We hadn’t heard that kind of stuff in 30, 40, 50 years,” Armstrong said.

      Rerras recalls the conversation differently. As he remembers it, he did not say all mental illness is caused by demons. He said he asked the group whether demonization was a possible explanation for illnesses such as multiple personality disorders.

      Armstrong said Rerras called him within the past two weeks and acknowledged that he made the comments and apologized. In interviews this week, Rerras declined to answer several questions about whether he believes mental illness has spiritual causes. “Mental illness is a valid illness,” he said. Most problems are physiological, he said, but “we’re more than flesh and blood.”

      Within the past year, another mental health advocate questioned Rerras about his stance on mental illness. Honey Biberman, a Norfolk resident who is active in the local NAMI chapter, said she approached Rerras in June at a club wrestling event at Granby High School.

      Biberman asked Rerras whether he still believed that mental illness was caused by spirits. According to Biberman, the senator restated his belief that mental illness had spiritual origins.

      Rerras said he did not remember the exact details of the conversation but said he again mentioned demonization as a possible component of mental illness.

      Some Christians believe that demonization plays a role in certain mental illnesses, Rerras said. Rerras would not say what he believes.

    • blue bronc

      The man is wacko!

      but then most of those of that ilk are too.

    • for picking up the story.  Rigell is a Kool-Aid drinking Christianist and he needs to be forced to disavow Sheldon and some of the other extremists who have endorsed him.  Otherwise, you’re right that it proves that he agress with their hate-filled views.  We do NOT need a nutcase in Congress.  Keep up the good work!