Home Energy and Environment Sierra Club Gives Bob McDonnell an “F” on Chesapeake Bay

Sierra Club Gives Bob McDonnell an “F” on Chesapeake Bay


According to the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club:

Gov. Bob McDonnell gets an “F” on his Chesapeake Bay report card. He has failed to protect the Bay from agricultural runoff, from storm water runoff and sewage pollution, and failed to provide the jobs and economic growth that come from protecting the Bay. The only accomplishment he has is his giveaways to polluters.

What else but “Stunningly deficient”?!

Heckuva job, Bob McDonnell!

  • K in VA

    For McDonnell and others of his extreme ilk, a failing grade from the Sierra Club is something to boast about to your friends on the right.

  • The Donkey

    in Annandale tonight: the EPA found that Virginia’s WIP failed to meet the EPAs allocations for Nitrogen and Phosphorus by 6% and 7% repectively.

    Additionally, Virginia (like all Chesapeake Bay watershed states)failed to provide adequate assurances that their plans would meet the goals they project, because: 1)they fail to articulate an adequate strategy; 2)do not sufficiently provide for enforcement or polluter accountability; and 3) provided insufficient dates for key actions.

    Consequently, the EPA is well on the way toward imposing Backstop Allocations on Virginia, which would severely impact the operations of “point sources” of pollution in Virginia, costing Virginia unnecessary billions.

    McDonnell avoids the political burden of promulgating effective state laws and regulations, and invites the bad old federal government to “do the dirty deed for us” in the worst way possible.

    Awesome job at protecting states rights, dude!