• blue bronc

    The only idiot missing is Coulter:

    “She is going to vote – in at least two cities”

  • normanva

    Watching the nuts in this video has made me nauseous but the theme is right.  These folks will be there to vote.  We can either NOT vote and let them send America backwards or vote and stop them.  We haven’t said much about Rick Waugh ( rickwaugh.com ), the Democrat running against cantor.  However, Waugh personally called me on the phone and one of his folks stopped by my house so Waugh is trying to make it a race.  I suspect the odds are heavily against him but if enough of us show up…

  • DanielK

    If one thinks about it all Democrats really have to do is get out there and vote.  I mean seriously, how hard is it to go down and vote (Whether electronically or manually) and carry out the rest of your day.  I’ll probably vote in the middle of one of my training rides this year. For me, I have a good opportunity to see some of the “interesting” folks I see parked outside of DMV everyday here in the Shenandoah Valley with their big placards talking about “Obama Socialist, Obama blah blah blah” and provides me with a good laugh and sickness all in one.

    I guess it’s just a little hard to imagine why something so simple and so important but also rare (We don’t vote that often) is done by so few people in comparison to the amount of registered voters in the country.