Vandalism committed by Keith Fimian Supporters


    On my way to George Mason University this morning, I saw about ten signs that were vandalized this way (see another on the upper left).

    I know that sign shenanigans happen in every election, and don’t make much difference in the long run, but this speaks to one of the reasons why I am not a Republican:  I’m not mean-spirited.  I’ve seen so many instances of mean-spiritedness, hatred, even racism, that it’s hard to say they’re not part of an endemic problem in the conservative movement.

    *UPDATE: Apparently the Fimian supporters don’t care about firefighters either, or else they wouldn’t be vandalizing firefighter property:

    • I’m getting a lot of reports from supporters of stolen Moran signs.  Also something that always happens, but it seems to be at a much larger scale this year – and often in locations close to where the opposition is putting up there’s.  

    • Signs at the corner of Sideburn and Zion have all pretty much been destroyed.  

    • Oakton Mom

      Not sure if this is vandalism or not, but last week some yellow signs appeared at the above intersection saying “Don’t tread on my 2nd amendment rights” with as the sponsor.  I went to the web site, but they had no information about the signs or who they’re endorsing in this election cycle, although I assume they’re backing Fimian.  Anyway, a few days later the Fimian signs on Hunter Mill at that intersection disappeared, and then yesterday all the NRA signs were gone.  The metal frames are all still there, but the signs are gone.  Not that I mind, I’m backing Connolly, but it still struck me as a little odd.

    • not2plato

      Vandalism at his home