Video: Tom Davis Analyzes 2010 Election Cycle


    Whatever else you might think of former Rep. Tom Davis, there’s no question that he’s an astute political analyst. Here, Davis analyzes the 2010 race for Congress, particularly the structural factors driving what’s happening. Note that he specifically rejects the idea that anything unusual is going on this cycle. Instead, what Davis argues is that this year is simply a continuation of the same voter unhappiness, and desire for a “check” on whoever is in power, that we saw in 2006 and 2008.  Also, Davis argues that we haven’t really had any good news at the national level this decade (he cites 9/11, the wars, Katrina, the economic meltdown in 2008, etc.), so the American people “feel betrayed and angry” in general. In other words, this is a tough time to govern, whether you have an “R” or a “D” (or any other letter) after your name.  No, it’s not the simplistic/moronic “referendum on Obama” narrative the corporate “lamestream media” loves to push, but it’s also a lot more based in reality.

    • VA Blogger

      However that doesn’t mean a lot of those voters are also upset at the direction Obama has taken the country. His approval ratings are ranging from 42% to 47% in the past month. Of course that’s going to have a negative impact on Democrats’ chances.

    • what Tom Davis says is true.  However, while dealt a messy hand, Obama and the Democrats have done much to piss away a huge opportunity.

      There are groups within the Democratic tent who ARE very angry with Obama and the Congressional Democrats.  In the LGBT community, for example, efforts such as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Give” and “Give When We Get Equal” are seeking to stop donations to the DNC and other Democrat organizations.  And now, with the White House making noises that Obama will direct an appael of the DADT ruling out of California, votes for Democrats on November 2 by LGBT voters may well be significatly reduced. And deservedly so.  People are fed up with the lies and broken promises.

      Yes, HRC will continue to kiss the Democrats’ and White House’s ass but, HRC is losing all credibility itself in the larger LGBT community.  The Democrats are on mind altering drugs if they think HRC support translates to widespread support among LGBT voters.