Virginia Republicans Rip Each Other Over Bad Booze Plan


    Ah, the sweet sound of Virginia Republicans tearing into each other, music to Virginia Democrats’ ears. A few highlights:

    *”Phil Cox, who heads McDonnell’s political action committee, called leaders in the GOP-controlled House of Delegates ‘spineless,’ and he warned that the governor might not support Republicans in next year’s elections if they vote against the proposal.”

    *Del. Thomas Gear (R-Hampton) responds, “What am I supposed to do? Lay down and die for the administration, and do whatever they say?” Gear adds, “I can’t help it that they don’t have a good plan. They will remember who their friends are? That’s a two-way street.”

    *House Republican Chair Tim Hugo shoots off “a sarcastic Sept. 30 e-mail to Cox; Martin Kent, McDonnell’s chief of staff; Eric Finkbeiner, McDonnell’s director of policy; and Mike Reynold, McDonnell’s deputy director of policy.”

    *Del. Dave Albo (R-Fairfax) says that Cox might need a “muzzle” put on him.

    *Del. “Sideshow” Bob Marshall (R-Manassas) says that the way McDonnell and Company are behaving is “not a prudent way to engage your friends.” Sideshow Bob adds, “It’s a democracy, not a dictatorship.”

    *Del. Charles Carrico (R-Grayson) wonders, “why you would push an agenda that wasn’t good for Virginia as a whole?”

    And on and on it goes.

    UPDATE: Damage control! Damage control!

    My question really isn’t whether McDonnell’s half-baked, brain-dead bad booze plan has a chance in hell of becoming law. It doesn’t.  My question is, what does this policy and political fiasco say about Bob McDonnell and his team’s political acumen, competence, etc?  It’s not as if the ABC fiasco has been the first @#$@up of the McDonnell administration, either. There was also the Robert Sledd debacle, the Fred “Corrupt Nixon Jew Counter” Malek situation, the Confederate History Month craziness, the collapse of McDonnell’s “drill baby drill” fantasies, the corporate crony appointments of Diana Cantor (to the Virginia Retirement System trustees board) and others, and of course the out-of-control-and-off-the-moderate-message Attorney General Kookinelli.

    At this point, after less than a year in office, you’ve got to start wondering whether Bob McDonnell will be able to accomplish anything as governor. Without revenues, obviously, he can’t do much, and he’s ideologically opposed to raising taxes, which leaves the one-time ABC privatization or offshore oil drilling revenues, both of which are deader than doorknobs. The question is whether his entire governorship will soon be described that same way.

    • blue bronc

      Sometimes I like to step back and look at, I like to eat so the stew pot is how today goes, all the ingredients on the cutting board before deciding which way the stew flavoring will go. Sometimes I like it spicy so I use Cayenne and Frank’s Hot Sauce. Sometimes I like it beefy so I use beef stock. Sometimes I like it veggy so I use vegetable stock. And, sometimes I like it tangy so I use spicy tomato juice.

      From stepping back, away from the cutting board, I have been thinking a lot about a pocket book issue for me and a couple other Virginians lately, the price of booze. Not that it is necessary for breakfast, but occasionally a little burbon is good for more than marinating the kabobs. The broader view is not the back and forth and arm twisting that is going on, nor is it the actual numbers.

      Bob “Killer of Women” McDonnell has put a lot of political capitol into a losing bet. Reading the Republican comments during this whole time keeps coming up with one thick thing sticking out, Republicans drink too. They don’t state it out right in case their favorite hypocrite TV preacher is listening, but much of their reluctance to do anything seems to be the necessary increases in prices, fees and taxes to lose at least $47M each year.

      They can promise to fill a pot hole (which is about all that could be paid for) with the initial sales of franchises to political cronies, but then they have to sell a huge price increase and more pot holes to their voters.

      The sale is not going to happen.

      They may not know the price of their own booze, but they know the cost to the voters.

    • Is never going to win the Virginia Tea Party Presidential Straw Poll for president if he keeps this up!  

      (I’m sorry, but I find it hilarious that they went with the NJ governor.)

    • libra

      been “less than a year in office”, as you say??? It feels like ages already and you’re telling me there’s 3 more years like it in my future??? Can one get one’s “time” reduced for good behaviour?