Why does James Dodson care about this election?


    Just received a robo call from James Dodson telling me to be sure to listen to my minister this weekend and not forget to vote.

    Also, he mentioned twice for me to go to the


    to see how to vote.

    Checking out this “guide” shows extremely low scores for all the Virginia Dems.

    Guess Dodson and Focus on the Family can’t stop trying to influence elections.

    • Susan Mariner

      Wonder how many 2nd District voters received this call and what their criterion for who to call was?  Please let me know if you hear about others receiving the call.  Thanks,  Susan

    • Susan Mariner

      You know, I never heard that God had come out against the stimulus plan, health care reform, wall street regulation, etc.  Good thing I read this “guide” so that I know God feels about these issues and can vote accordingly.