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Another Take on the Deficit Commission: “Fix Health Care”


Now that the two Chairs of the Deficit Commission have pre-empted the report of the whole Commission, and issued their own report, it is becoming clear that they could not get the agreement of the majority of the members. They issued their own early report so as to set the agenda, an agenda which includes using the worry about the deficit as an excuse to attack the middle class and provide the bond holders and Big Money of Wall Street everything they could possibly have dreamed of having, i.e., confiscating whatever wealth the middle class still has after the depredations of the last 20-30 years. Here is an interview with noted economist and author Dean Baker, which explains the Fed policy of “Quantitative Easing” (QE2) and the Deficit Commission and its “Shock Therapy.” As I recall, the shock therapy is a long-standing tactic of Free Market Chicago boys in destroying the economies of Third World Countries, and turning them into modern financial colonies of Western corporations (See the book Shock Doctrine). Now hear how it all ties together:

  • Teddy Goodson

    Dean Baker reminds us that, when you follow all the threads back to their origins, the real cause of the long-running deficit is the out of control cost of our health care system. Even if we slash and burn Social Security and Medicare, and repeal the health care legislation, we will still have the escalating cost of health care, and, therefore, will not have solved the perceived problem. For this, and other reasons, I believe we are seeing the final employment here in the U.S. of what  Naomi Klein described in her excellent book Shock Doctrine:

    The adherents of Thomas Friedman’s Free Market Theory, often referred to as “the Chicago boys,” took over the IMF and populated the World Bank from the days of Reagan onward, and they used their position to force third world nations needing loans from the World Bank to install free market theories, opening up their economies to domination by Western corporations and financial interests; they required almost instant conversion of the countries’ economies to “free market” and globalization, and the conversion was achieved with just such “shock therapy.” The results almost always were to destroy the social fabric of the countries, concentrate the countries’ wealth even more in the hands of a minuscle top elite, and leave the big international corporations in the driver’s seat.

    Sound familiar? Well, now its our turn. We are well on the way to being a banana republic, and, if the “recommendations” of the Deficit Committee’s co-Chairs are imposed on us, we will have arrived at the destination planned for us: America will be a Third World Country, under the thumb of the global corporations and Wall Street.