Become a Citizen Sponsor of Senator McEachin’s Fairness and Justice Act


    Great idea by Donald McEachin.

    If you believe that all Virginians should have equal opportunity, fairness and justice, please become a citizen-sponsor of Senator Donald McEachin’s non-discrimination bill for the upcoming General Assembly Session in January.

    Let’s show the Members of the General Assembly how many people believe discrimination is wrong and should be outlawed in Virginia.

    I just signed up, how about you?

    • VADEM

      signed it. Someone ought to tell him he has Address on there twice. And he may as well take all the other personnal info off of it because very few will put their address and phone number out there like that. imho of course. Name, zip, email.

    • libra

      Not only is the address line there twice, it’s out of any logical order.

      Also, I had some reservations about signing, because it’s such a wishy-washy formulation. Is anyone really-truly against equality and justice for all, so that the rest of us have to affirm it, instead of it being taken for granted?

      It’s like Lil Bobby McD’s “Bob’s for jobs” campaign slogan, which had always struck me as totally nuts; nobody was against jobs, even if not everyone’s name rhymed with the word.