Corey Stewart Lashes Out at Ken Cuccinelli


    Ah, the sweet sound of right-wingnuts fighting. This one’s over Stewart’s “Rule of Law”/anti-illegal-immigration resolution, and Cooch’s office’s utter demolition of that resolution.  

    [Corey] Stewart said he was surprised at the opposition from Cuccinelli’s office.

    I’m very disappointed. I run into a lot of opposition in fighting illegal immigration and almost all of that opposition comes from either pro-amnesty and the Washington Post  and other liberals. I certainly didn’t expect this  attack from the back by Cuccinelli,” Stewart said.

    Something tells me I’m going to need to put on another batch of popcorn! 🙂

    • kindler

      I guess Cooch is trying to cement his position as #1 right wing demagogue in Virginia — and all others are just pretenders!

      I also wonder if, in advance of his 2013 run for governor, Cooch may be angling for some support in the immigrant-heavy communities of NOVA. He must have calculated that his support from the tea party types is strong enough that he can afford a little apostasy on immigration.

      This will indeed be more fun to watch than Dancing with the Stars!

    • DanielK

      If someone is simply stating the obvious…..Cooch didn’t tell the world anything new that we already knew.  VA Rule of Law is flawed and essentially unnecessary given all of Virginia’s current practices in finding effective balance between enforcement against criminal illegal aliens and those who are simply living among us without causing any harm, issues or problems.