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Donald McEachin Blasts Glenn Beck and Eric Cantor


Go Senator McEachin!

When will the people who watch this man see him for who he is? A fear monger. When will the sponsors who sponsor this garbage withdraw their support? Every time this man speaks hate we must respond with condemnation of his words and his actions. Eric Cantor says he will be a check on the President’s administration in their dealings with Israel. I say to Eric: here is the guy you need to check.

Not bad, effectively taking on both Glenn Beck and Eric Can’tor in once paragraph! Does Donald McEachin rock or what?  Now, if we could only clone him, Virginia Democrats might start showing some life signs (not to mention backbone, cojones, etc)!

  • Tom

    I know several people have said this man who has effectively become the voice of the Democratic Party in Virginia has indicated he is not interested in the DPVA chair position. But for many months he has been the de factor leader of and spokesperson for the party. No one else in the party today is so fearless and articulate as this man, and he is the embodiment of what I believe to be true leadership. When he speaks, everyone listens – his followers like me in respectful awe and the republicans in fear and grudging respect and even jealously because they have no one who can come close to matching him or even rebutting him in any meaningful way.  

    Just my thoughts about Senator McEachin, and I know it’s a bit of wishful thinking on my part but until the floor nominations are made at the 4 Dec. Central Committee meeting in Newport News and the votes have been cast I will remain hopeful that there is still a chance that the party will make our de facto party leader also the official party leader as chair.


  • DanielK

    The Senate is the one and only remaining “check” for Virginia Democrats against a General Assembly and all three branches of the executive controlled by the Republicans.  Is he from a safe district?  I mean right now I would rather not lose any Democratic State Senator prior to the next legislative session or else Virginia’s credibility is going to be flushed down the crapper even further than it already has been and that is without any major legislation.  

  • notlarrysabato

    Why has Donald been so outspoken all year on issues concerning VA Democrats, and totally silent on the DPVA situation since it finally opened up.  Now is when we need leadership and voices for change.  

    Donald opposed Susan Mariner for 1st Vice Chair, and isn’t lifting a finger so far between Peter and Brian Moran.  Is he trying to reform the party or promote himself?  His words suggest the former, his actions suggest the latter.

  • Tom

    I am hoping that Donald’s silence on the DPVA chair race could possibly mean that he is considering either announcing his candidacy or else might accept a nomination from the floor when the Central Committee meeting convenes Sat. morning. He is a very astute politician and for that reason alone it is entirely possible that he has been discussing whether the race between Peter and Brian might might it more difficult to re-unite the party and if his candidacy might solve that problem. As noted above, his Senate seat is safe so if elected chair he could devote the majority of his political time and energy re-building the party from now until the 2013 elections, and if he does decide to run for governor that will have given him all of 2011 and 2012 to strengthen the party. There is nothing about any of these elections that would preclude a DPVA chair from continuing to serve while also running for election to any public office, which is the only area of significance on which I disagree with Peter. On this point, Peter seems to be saying that only a DPVA chair candidate who hasn’t served or run for a public elective office should be party chair simply because his only declared opponent Brian Moran was a gubernatorial candidate and former HoD delegate. If we applied that logic, we would eleiminate the large majority of otherwise well qualified Democrats as DPVA chairs.