Election Day; Polls Open 6 am-7 pm in Virginia


    It’s 6 am, and the polls are now open in Virginia. If possible, try to vote first thing, before you go to work — and of course vote Democratic!  Today, I’ll be voting in Arlington to reelect Jim Moran to the U.S. House of Representatives; to reelect Chris Zimmerman to the County Board; to reelect Sally Baird to the School Board; AGAINST all three constitutional amendment questions; and FOR all proposed county bond referenda. I’m hoping to volunteer at a poll today as well, just waiting to hear back from the volunteer coordinator to find out which one and when.

    So, when and where are you voting today, who and what are you voting for, and what are you hearing? Please use this as an “open thread.” Thanks.

    P.S. You can find out where to vote by clicking here.

    • Dan Sullivan

      Goodbye Glenn Nye.

    • I’m checking in for the moment from Bonnie Brae precinct.  We had EXCELLENT turnout here this morning!

    • antonio_m_elias

      At 6:30 AM at Ward 4, Precinct 1 in the City of Petersburg.

      Not bad, not great – we’ll see.  I’ve been told of lines to get in at other polling places in Petersburg – Virginia’s Bluest locality – not bad for a year when every Democrat is supposed to stay at home and hide in a corner.

    • blue bronc

      I already voted by mail. Although I would prefer to do my usual poll watching, today I have other activities that will keep me from the fun of several years of effort. If you are in politics as a staffer or candidate you spend years preparing and working for today. You always have an end point for of all your efforts. When the polls close everything you have done, all the long hours, the brain pain and your voice hoarse after hours talking to thousands of people you now hope will check your name, it’s all over. There is nothing left to do. (most of the time. I have been in one recount and that added another 28 days)

      So what is left?????

      Party time. Win or lose a good dose of adult beverage makes the day end OK.

      One of the best adult beverage nights I had was with a losing congressional candidate’s staff, he was out wondering the streets most of the time. He had ordered a lot of very nice champagne while under the illusion he might win. Since most of the volunteers and well wishers had split to drink (often paying for their booze) with winners, a handful of us had several cases of very fine champagne to get rid of.  WOW what a night.  So win or lose there is always a party.

    • clark

      The Alexandria Democratic Committee has all 26 precincts staffed from 6AM-7PM. We have two GOTV operations in place to make calls and send out “flushers”: one is at our headquarters in the east end of town at 618 North Washington St. in Old Town, the other is on the west end at Food Matters in Cameron Station at 4906 Brenman Park Drive. Just show up and we’ll put you to work; questions and for rides to the polls call us at 703.549.3367. If you work in the metro area, consider taking a lunch break and coming down to our office on N. Washington. We can use your help!

      Turnout throughout the city is fairly good- heavier turnout in some parts than is normal for a midterm race.  Despite blanketing parts of town with Murray signs, some precincts, especially in the west end, are a bit of a Potemkin Village for the Republicans- no volunteers at some precincts for the morning rush.  If signs could vote, Murray would be doing well.  But, I checked with the election officers with the city to be sure, and in fact it’s voters that do the actual voting and this election is all about the three “T’s”:  turnout, turnout, and turnout.

      Will check back in as things develop here in Alexandria. Good luck to all my Democratic friends throughout the Commonwealth today— keep up the great work!

      -Clark, Chair, Alexandria Democratic Committee

    • linda b

      Dem precinct. Almost 300 people by 9 a.m.

      You can tell who is voting for who… just by the looks. I gave out lots of Scott sample ballots so I thing Bobby might win (ok, he will).

      The other guy from Va Beach has his pix on all his signs outside. Kind of sad..

      GOTV folks!!

    • C

      Voted in Albemarle about a little over an hour ago.  There was a steady stream of people coming in and out.  There was a small line, but the wait was only about a minute.

      I vote in a precinct that even Deeds carried by over 8 points.

      I am hearing good things about a couple of Charlottesville precincts.  Anyone who votes in Charlottesville or have some insight on how things are going care to share his or her thoughts?

    • in the Jefferson Park precinct (which is 7-1 Democrat).  The line was out the door (about 50 or so people) and a neighbor (who’s a Perriello campaign worker) said it was like that since 6 in the morning.  He was very pleased with the turnout so far and described his mood as “not pessimistic”.

    • snolan

      When I went in there were a few other voters; but no lines at all and more machines and election workers than voters by far.

      Very Republican district, so it is very easy.  Annoyed to find only touch-screen Sequoia electronic machines with no option for paper ballots or even anything with an audit trail.


    • Report fom ACDC chair Mike Lieberman at 10:08 am:

      Turnout compared to 2009 seems to be slightly higher, with South and Central Arlington turning out in higher numbers than North Arlington so far.  

      No indication of D vs. R so far, but higher turnout is hopeful.

    • aznew

      They said it has been steady to heavy. Good news for Perriello, as it is a very Democratic area.

      As of 10:30, 566 people had voted.

      For the sake of comparison:

      Total turnout in 2008: 2,914

      Total turnout in 2006: 1,444

    • C

      According to the Charlottesville Newsplex, by 9 am 15 percent of registered voters had already cast a ballot.  That comes to a little over 10,000 votes.  Another update will come at 1 pm.

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      Seems typical of federal elections.  So I don’t think the turnout will be as low as predicted.

    • Catzmaw

      My precinct had a steady stream of people going in.  I waited about a minute to get logged in and then about 3 minutes to vote.  People seemed to be taking their time over the various amendments.  Two poll workers were out front, one Republican and one Democrat.  Several people came up around the time I did and all but one asked for the Democratic sample ballot.  

    • “No surprises with regards to turnout so far. It is in line with our expectations. No evidence that the Democratic vote is lagging dramatically behind in terms of overall vote. Volunteers are expressing better than expected responses to Jeff at the polls they are working. “

    • Just to demonstrate how pathetic Arlington Republicans are, their sample ballot actually recommends that people vote against Metro funding, community infrastructure funding, and local parks & recreation funding. These people are utterly unfit to govern. Morons.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Since Bob Goodlatte has minimal opposition in the 6th, there were few voters present when I voted in my Botetourt County precinct. (Since Democrats are as scarce in this GOP stronghold as chicken teeth, the GOPers have no reason to come out in large numbers this year.)

      As usual – other than 2008 when we had a Dem running – I did a write-in. Also, in order to be contrarian – plus being sick and tired of the General Assembly taking away the flexibility of local government to decide what is exempt from property taxes – I voted “no” for all three constitutional amendments. (I would be O.K. with enlarging the “rainy day fund” if the legislature didn’t already owe the state pension system almost three-quarters of a billion dollars that must be paid back with interest.

    • I just received this from Connolly campaign manager James Walkinshaw and thought it worth passing along.

      I just received a report from our Field Director. Turnout is very high in Republican precincts. We need to match that in Democratic areas.

      Please make sure you get to your polling place and vote. I need you to remind your friends and neighbors to get out and vote. Pull your friends out to vote and counter this GOP surge.

      Help fight back by forwarding this email.

    • Hugo Estrada

      Turnout very low. I was voter 76 who used a paper ballot. I don’t know how many people had chosen the electronic machines since I didn’t see a tally.

    • normanva

      I voted at about 1:30, in one of cantor’s hardcore areas.  When Webb ran, there was a line out the door, today no line at all.  The scene was somewhat surreal.  There was a tea party guy talking to everyone he could and giving out literature. I noticed that he drove a Lexus (it had Don’t Tread on Me and Vote No To Socialism bumper stickers).  There were 2-3 really old voters, one being assisted by a nurse. There were 2-3 middle age voters and me.

    • JasonM

      Hoping for a miracle,maybe Bayne will siphon away enough votes to sink Cantor.  

    • VADEM

      I was the 551st voter in my little precinct at 1:00. Good turnout except for the unfortunate fact that this is an extremely red county. There was 5 Hurt supporters working their table, 1 dem and we had NO handouts, 1 sign and NO sample ballots. What’s up with that??? The woman at our table said we had no handouts or signs. There must have been 50 Hurt signs on the road to the church (where we voted). I guess Perriello decided to put his money in ads instead of signs. Naturally the Hurt folks go a big laugh about of our lack of signs. They are just POSITIVE their man will win.

    • DanielK

      I just voted at the Parkins Mill Precinct in Stephens City in the 10th Congressional District.  So far they said there’s been 26% percent turnout thus far and seeing a steady flow of voters all day and they’re expecting more later in the evening.

      I voted no on all three constitutional amendments as well.  There was one volunteer for each party, to include the Redpath (Libertarian) and that was it.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep the tweets coming as I’m stuck at work tonight and may not have access to MSNBC!  

      • precinct!

      • At 1:00, BB was up to 33% turnout.  It has slowed there some, which is pretty typical for this time of day.  It picks up again from five o’clock on.  The poll workers I spoke to all had the number 50% in their heads — I don’t know where that number came from, but both Dem and Republican workers cited it.  Given the rush from 5 on, we should be comfortably over that.

    • aznew

      According to the State Board of Elections (SBE), there are more than 69,000 registered voters in Albemarle County, about 28,126 in the City of Charlottesville and 446,641 in the entire Fifth District. As of 1pm, Albemarle County voter turnout was 32.89 percent-22,773 voters. That number falls more than 15 percentage points below the 2008 county turnout, which totaled 49.9 percent of registered voters as of 1pm.

      The next update will be at 5pm. The voter turnout has been steady throughout the state, says the SBE.

      There are reports that the Jefferson Park Precinct is running out of “I Voted” stickers. If you don’t know where to vote, here are the polling places for the city and for the county.

    • Eric

      I asked how the turn out was and one of the workers said it was good – but I didn’t get any numbers.   Only three voting machines set up, so I guess they weren’t expecting much.

      Speaking of which, I was both encouraged and discouraged at the technology efforts of Fairfax County…

      The good: For the first time in Oakton they were using laptop computers to check in voters – no more searching through pages of computer print outs.  I’m glad to see this advance into modern technology.

      The bad: We had the option of voting electronically or by paper.  Huh?  Paper ballots?  I don’t recall seeing that in well over a decade in Oakton.  So I asked and the lady said that the purchase and maintenance costs of the electronic machines was very high and she strongly implied that they may not be around in the future.  

      WTF?  One small step forward for the act of voting and one giant leap backward for elections in general.  I suppose the fact that there will be a paper trail in the future is good, but seriously, going back to hanging chads (or smudges, half filled circles, etc) is not progress and won’t get us any further from count/recount debacles.  

    • antonio_m_elias

      At 6 PM turnout in Petersburg has just about surpassed 2006.