Eric Cantor Does What No Democrat Could Ever Do


    This Daily Kos front page diary sums up my feelings on Eric Cantor meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and promising to act “as a check” on the Obama administration’s policy towards Israel. Note that I say this as a strong supporter of Israel (although not the right-wing elements in that country), but also first and foremost as an American:

    Now, just imagine if the tables were turned. Think back to 2007. Imagine if Nancy Pelosi sat down with the President of France and told him that she would serve as a check on the Bush Administration. What if she followed that up by noting the 200-plus-year-old special relationship that NATO ally France has had with the United States since LaFayette? She’d still be fighting the treason charges in court today.

    But, as we all know, IOKIYAR.

    That’s “It’s ok if you’re a Republican,” and sadly that’s the way it seems to go in this country. Hang out with prostitutes? If you’re a Democrat, like Eliot Spitzer, you’re toast. If you’re a Republican, like “Diaper Dave” Vitter, you’re still in the U.S. Senate.  If you lie about having consensual oral sex like Bill Clinton, you’re impeached. If you lie about the Iran-Contra scandal, about whether “waterboarding” constitutes torture, or about whether you authorized said torture, you become an honored former president and of course are never prosecuted for your crimes. And, if you meet with a foreign power and pledge to undermine your president, you’ll have Limbaugh/O’Reilly/Beck/etc. screaming from the rafters that you’ve committed treason, but if you are a Republican do so, it’s all good. Starting to sense a pattern here? Yeah, I’m sure you’ll be reading about it all in the liberal mainstream corporate “lamestream” media. On second thought…

    • Dan Sullivan

      Who does he think he is?

    • Imagine what would happen if the only Muslim member of Congress went to Pakistan or Indonesia or Iran and said that he would be a “check” on any American president, regardless of party.

    • Rachel Levy

      Glenn Greenwald’s column on this is very good:

      Greenwald points out, for example, that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which Obama is (well, supposedly) trying to solve is a threat to US security and interests.

      I say we start a phone campaign (and I happen to live in Cantor’s district) to implore Cantor to represent American interests first–his DC office number is 202-225-2815. I mean, he doesn’t take into consideration the interests of his constituents, then he doesn’t adhere to democratic principals of the electoral process, and now he is prioritizing the interests and security of another country over that of the United States. Enough is enough.

      Does anyone happen to know how much he collects from the Israel lobby?

    • VADEM

      elect him president? Now he’s undermining our foreign policy? And this is OK with the WH, the DOJ, the democratic party, the lamestream media???

      Since no one has ever been prosecuted under the Logan act, I sure wish someone would get a spine and charge his sorry ass.

      I hope he gets hammered for this.

    • klaph

      This should generate LTEs by the hundreds…maybe one or two would get printed. And it should be called what it is…treason, or selling out your own country to a foreign one.