GOP Pro Wrestling Match 2012: “Felix Macacawitz” vs. “The Guy Cooch Bodyslammed”


    George “Felix Macacawitz” Allen vs. Corey “The Guy Cooch Bodyslammed the Other Day” for the 2012 Republican nomination to take on Sen. Jim Webb (assuming he’s running)? And Corey’s already trashing Felix?  I’ll tell ya, this is going to be top-notch entertainment, at least if World Wrestling Entertainment, Republican Division, is your thing. Enjoy! 🙂

    h/t: Too Conservative

    UPDATE: Greatest post ever by Shaun Kenney. As in, not even close. This is truly a great post.  Did I mention how great this post is?  I’m serious – read it now (and grab some more popcorn)! 🙂

    • ferryfarm

      Corey Stewart is shooting himself in the foot by spilling the beans on Gov. Allen’s plans to launch in January, and by flat out attacking him in such a poor manner/platform, Stewart is really starting to run establishment conservatives the wrong way, but is trying to play to the Tea Party kooks.

      If the GOP gives Stewart the nomination to run against Sen. Webb or whoever may run if Webb decides not to in the General Election, then VA Democrats have this one in the bag!

      Stewart’s anti-immigration stance and harsh penalties that he ramrodded into law in Prince William County will be such a turn off to the Progressive NoVA, and his city slicker attitude will made his candidacy dead in the water in rural parts of the Commonwealth.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Ah, is this just Round One in the fight to come between normal Neanderthal GOP conservatives and the Mad Hatters of the Tea Party? Oh, I hope so…

    • …this was once the party of John Warner.

    • vaambition

      Not only should we get popcorn…we should sell some T-shirts as well

    • Tom

      My bet is that Tom Davis, who is no amateur politician, will pick his time and then announce his candidacy for U.S. Senate, whether Webb runs again or not. You may recall that Tom pushed very hard for an open primary when Mark Warner won by a large margin against Gilmore. This time, though, Davis has no reason not to run against the likes of Allen, maybe Kooch, certainly Bob Marshall. Which makes it imperative that we vote in the GOP primary for their weakest candidate, which is definitely not Tom Davis. Corey is such an idiot, he might actually win the primary if enough Dems., Tea-baggers, independents who are frightened to death of the possibility of a GOP Senate majority, and of course Latinos who would love to see Stewart go down in flames in the general election.

      Now if we can just elect Peter as the next (maybe first) full-time DPVA chair who will challenge every General Assembly seat, we might have a shot at restoring the Virginia Dem. Party influence in local, state-wide and federal elections for the rest of my life. How’s that for a positive thought for today ?