Imagine If Virginia Had an Attorney General Like Kamala Harris?


    Yesterday, in California, the election for Attorney General was finally settled, with Democrat Kamala Harris defeating pragmatic/moderate Republican (what a concept!) Steve Cooley by about 51,500 votes. That completes a Democratic sweep of statewide offices in California, countering the pro-Teapublican trend we saw nationwide, and of course here in Virginia, this past election day.

    I was curious about Kamala Harris, so I checked out her website’s issues page. As a Virginia-focused blogger, what struck me the most was the stark contrast between what Harris plans to do as Attorney General of her state, and what our pathetic excuse for an Attorney General — divisive, extremist, homophobic, anti-environment wackjob Ken Kookinelli — is doing here in Virginia.  I mean, just imagine if our state’s Attorney General stood for stuff like this:

    *”Kamala Harris has been an early and ardent supporter of marriage equality.”

    *”Kamala Harris is commited to protecting a woman’s right to make determinations about health decisions.”

    *”As Attorney General, Kamala Harris will use the powers of the office to protect our environment”, including “pioneering state efforts to both mitigate and adapt to the myriad environmental threats posed by climate change.”

    *” She has created new prosecution units focused on child assault, public integrity and environmental crimes, and has taken on perpetrators of financial crimes, mortgage fraud, identity theft and elder abuse.”

    Now, that is what a real Attorney General (other examples are Richard Blumenthal in Connecticut and Douglas Gansler in Maryland) can do, unlike the national laughingstock – and rightly so – who holds the office in Virginia right now. Just imagine…

    P.S. Although even cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs Cooch was able to figure out that Corey Stewart’s “Rule of Law” resolution is a poorly-written, redundant, unconstitutional (in parts at least) joke.

    • Peter 2010

      DPVA should have spent all of 2010 relentlessly attacking Cooch’s agenda by comparing his agenda to the agendas of Attorneys General like Dick Blumenthal and Doug Gansler. Instead, we hardly ever heard from DPVA.

    • I hate DLD’s

      This lady is a real piece of garbage, even in San Francisco she has many people upset at her even in that liberal haven.  She refused to seek the death penalty under even the most heinous acts of murder.  She continually refuses to actually enforce State laws it’s rather pathetic, but if that’s what you want because this piece of garbage has a D by her name so be it.  By the way why do you think California is quickly becoming the biggest failure of a state?  It’s because of all these so called “progressives.”  The Dems have free reign in CA practically and they’ve more than “driven it off into the ditch” as our oh so elegant leader suggested.

    • The Porcupine

      Kamala Harris wrote the poorly edited but important book “Smart on Crime” that reports on the success of DA office programs designed to divert first-time nonviolent offenders away from the criminal justice system and onto a more productive path of life. Smart on Crime programs are the only systemic efforts to reduce the crime rate and size of prison population that actually work. Richmond DA office recently began a program based on “Smart on Crime.”  

    • kindler

      What’s the Democratic version of a Mama Grizzly?

    • georgetownsfs10

      I moved to San Francisco in August and ended up voting for the entire Democratic ticket in California. Kamala has been amazing for gay rights as the DA for the City and County of SF. What is even more awesome is that she listed marriage equality as the FIRST issue out of all of the issues listed on her website.

      No one really expected her to win since most of the newspapers in CA endorsed Cooley and Cooley was the DA of LA County. However, Dems swept California. They picked up ALL statewide offices, kept Boxer’s senate seat, didn’t lose a SINGLE House seat and actually picked up a seat in the legislature!! Also, with the passage of Prop 25 Dems can now pass a budget without relying on Republicans to meet the 2/3 requirement!

      Kamala ended election night behind. Cooley actually made a victory speech that night. By the next morning Kamala was ahead. Then as Orange County counted a huge share of its absentee ballots Cooley ended up leading by more than 35,000 votes or so. Luckily she pulled it out against all odds!!! Its simply amazing that the next attorney general and governor of the largest subnational jurisdiction in all of North America will also be pro gay marriage

    • DanielK

      What a concept huh?  

      Now I know being a a prosecutor isn’t a requirement to be a state Attorney General but given the success former prosecutor’s have had in moving on is saying something with Sptizer, Blumenthal and Gansler being perfect examples.  

      Although it’s amazing how even the GOP out there attempted to pain her as week on crime considering she’s probably responsible for thousands of years of prison time for criminals. Unlike Cooch, when she hires personnel to handle criminal cases or appeals she knows what to look for having actually been in the trenches doing the dirty work.