Is Charles Krauthammer Correct For Once?


    I’d be curious to know what people think about Charles Krauthammer’s comments here.  My opinion is that he’s correct that the media is absolutely obsessed with Sarah Palin and her endless idiocies. The question is why?  Ratings? Check. “Sex appeal?” Probably. Perfect fodder for the infotainment “idiocracy” that passes for “news” these days? Definitely. Or, is it – as Charles Krauthammer argues – that “liberals” believe that “the whole of conservatism in America is encapsulated in this one glorious woman?”  Now that, I’m not sure about.

    Still, what’s with this absolutely insane obsession with this utter imbecile from Alaska who was a losing VP candidate and who quit her job as governor of Alaska half-way through?  Is Palin such a significant figure – intellectually, politically, culturally, or any other way – that she justifies the wall-to-wall coverage she gets from the corporate media, not to mention the insane level of internet traffic she gets relative to any other Republican (or even her daughter’s appearance on some piece-of-crap dance show)?  Has this country gone completely off the deep end?  

    • Bumble Bee

      once observed “On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”  That day may be closer than we think.  I have no great faith in the wisdom of the electorate.  Especially when they are so heavily influenced by Fox News and it’s fellow travelers in the 24 hour news media.  

    • blue bronc

      The woman is a top notch performer. She provides a constantly idiotic output that is crazy, but not completely hate loaded as her competitors. Maulkin, Bachmann and Coulter are her competition. The three of them are so far nutso crazy their wild and illogical rantings turn the media to the one which provides a story they can sell on Murdock media.

      She provides a story every day.  The media does not have to work hard and gets a reward from their editors for turning in something people will watch.

      I think the one side that is almost never covered is how the Palin likable numbers are in the toilet by almost everybody.  Right now there is some push by some group to play the “How Palin can win in 2012” game.  Maybe, but she has talked her way off the political stage on to the theatrical stage. That said, the Dems can not sit back and make jokes. The woman wants something and it probably has an address on Pennsylvania.

      Krauthammer is a far right wind bag constantly promoting war. He is worthless and not worth listening to or watching.

    • Teddy Goodson

      when he says not only that the media are “obsessed” with Palin, but the liberals seem to think this one glorious woman embodies everything conservative, or some such nonsense…. hence, some of the obsession.

      No,Mr. Krauthammer, as one of those liberals, I do not think Mrs. Palin (formerly Governor Palin) is either a “glorious woman,” or an embodiment of everything conservative. I do think she herself thinks she embodies conservatism, real, true, conservatism, and I suspect she also has a pretty high, even glorious opinion of herself—- she is, after all, a politician, and high ego goes with the territory, whether you’re male or female.

      I also think that she has an utterly brainwashed group of followers who are a significant voting portion of the Republican Party, and, becaue of their dedication, will have an ever increasing voice in that Party. Therefore, the rest of the conservative movement will be, and is in fact already being, forced to accommodate whatever viewpoint Palin is pushing. So, maybe Palin will indeed be the defining “face” of what passes for conservatism. She may strike us as nuts, but she is one shrewd piece of work, so do not underestimate her.

    • Sunnyjane

      I am perfectly willing for the media to be obsessed with the ex-governor from Alaska, so long as their coverage shows how stupid, vapid, hating, and classless she is.  Sarah Palin is very comfortable with her anti-Obama/Democratic Party/Liberal/Elitist crap in will-always-be-red states.  But she lacks the guts to take her no-solutions spiel any place were she will not be cheered by people who are as undereducated as she is.

    • Mike1987

      There are a number of things confluenced here; media and baggers.  The media adore her because of the ratings she brings. The baggers adore her because, like them, she’s an idiot who genuinely speaks their level of stupidity and profound ignorance. She speaks the same general run-on nonsense about freedom and then cracks on an opponent. If her words were food, you’d starve to death.  The media looks for and seek multi-level conflicts.  Policy deference is not enough, we must have hate. We MUST create an us and them (or to use bagger terms; “dem”).

    • Hugo Estrada

      Her popularity comes from that she is just like her supporters. It is through ethnic identity and emotion that she captures her base.

      A lot of what she says is incoherent or contradictory, but since those beliefs match those who support her, it is fine with them. In fact, supporting an irrational belief is the ultimate form of ethnic identification since only those like you will believe something that in the face of it is wrong and inconsistent.

      Are we liberals watching her? Yes, but not because of her, but because of the movement that she represents. That is something to keep an eye on.