Jeff Schapiro: “Think earmarks are just a problem in Washington?”


    According to Jeff Schapiro, “Wait until you hear what Virginia legislators have been doing with tobacco settlement money.”

    Also, check out Tom McLaughlin’s article on the “$4 million stolen from under [the Virginia Tobacco Commission’s] collective nose by John Forbes, a former Secretary of Finance in the administration of Gov. Jim Gilmore.”

    Apparently, we’ve got some “issues” in Republican-controlled Richmond, not just in Democratic-controlled Washington, DC. (of course, needless to say, we also had the same – actually, FAR worse – “issues” when Tom DeLay and his “K Street” Republican robber barons controlled Congress and Bush/Cheney were in the White House…)

    • Teddy Goodson

      of Free Market, it naturally strikes any good Republican that self-enrichment at the public’s expense, or allocating public money to Bridges to Nowhere in their districts is not only okay but encouraged among legislators and other government officials. (Caveat: I am sure plenty of good ol’ boy Democrats have the same idea). Graft is the old name for this way of life. It looks as though Afghanistan’s Kharzai is no different from his American sponsors.