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McAuliffe, Perriello Finish 1-2 in Blue Virginia 2013 Governor’s Race Poll


A strong showing by both Terry McAuliffe, who won the Blue Virginia poll with 40.2% of the vote, and Tom Perriello, who finished a close second at 35.6%. Surprisingly, Chap Petersen only received 8 votes (9.2%) from Blue Virginia readers and Donald McEachin only received 4 votes (4.6%). I also thought it was interesting that Gerry Connolly didn’t receive any votes at all.  When I posted the poll, I figured those two guys would finish towards the top. Finally, “other” got 2 votes, and “boy are we screwed or what” got only 2 votes, indicating that Blue Virginia readers are pretty happy with the top two or three Democratic choices for governor in 2013.

P.S. I inadvertently forgot to include Rick Boucher in the poll, but I figured that any of his supporters could just choose “other.”  Apparently, there aren’t many supporters – at least among Blue Virginia readers – for a Boucher for Governor candidacy in 2013.  Personally, I think he should seriously consider running against Morgan Griffith to win his seat back, as that last election might have been a one-off aberration.

  • Cool_Arrow

    I would be totally fine with Terry as the choice. A ticket of TMac/Perriello for LG would be a very good ticket in an off voting year. Especially if we are and I believe that we will have Cooch as our opponent. That would be a very interesting election and Cooch really scares the crap out of a lot of people that would normally not vote or would have voted for the “moderate” McDonell. Cooch has rubbed a lot of the moderate Republicans who could care less about the social issues and his anti-science crusades (they exist in NoVa) the wrong way. Not that they would vote for the Dem but they would be more apt to stay home. It is a long time away so we will see how it unfolds but to me TMac or Perriello would be good candidates. Perriello would be great as LG and I can’t see TMac running as LG. That said, we will have to see what Tom’s future holds, how redistricting goes should tell us a lot about Tom’s thoughts on a comeback.  

  • ferryfarm

    Will be with McA at the top of the ticket then Lt. Gov. should be someone new and young to VA politics like Chap Petersen to secure the college/NoVA votes.