“Naming Palin makes Bush think less of McCain as a man”


    George W. Bush gets one right for a change!

    The 43rd President has told friends the ex-Alaska governor isn’t qualified to be President and criticizes Arizona Sen. John McCain for putting Palin on the 2008 GOP ticket and handing her a national platform.

    Naming Palin makes Bush think less of McCain as a man,” a Republican official familiar with Bush’s thinking told the Daily News.

    “He thinks McCain ran a lousy campaign with an unqualified running mate and destroyed any chance of winning by picking Palin.”

    Gotta love it.

    • blue bronc

      Bush displaying critical thinking skills.

      The Bush rehabilitation show continues.  I doubt he wrote anything in his “book”.

      Obama should have held hearings into that whole regime.

    • It’s so much easier not to have to make a face every time GWB’s name is mentioned.  Until he started talking publicly again, I had almost stopped doing that.  But now that I have to actually hear what he thinks, and how he thinks, and why he thinks it — well, I remember just how miserable those 8 years were.

    • linda b

      They did an interview with Dick Cavett. He said that Sarah Palin doesn’t have a “first lanquage”. How true that is..

      Please Bush, just go away. You are a disgrace.