NLS on “Brian Moran’s ‘Candidate Recruitment'”


    NLS’s analysis of “Brian Moran’s ‘Candidate Recruitment'” – or lack thereof – is well worth reading.  The key takeaways:

    *In 2003, Democratic Caucus Chair Brian Moran ” allowed 43 of the 61 Republican Delegates to run without Democratic opposition.”

    *In 2005, Moran “allowed 40 of the 54 Republicans who ran for re-election to go without Democratic opposition.”

    Not good. I’d also add that in 2007, we only ended up picking up 4 House seats – a VERY disappointing outcome compared to the 15 or so Tim Kaine had been saying were “in play” just a few weeks before the election. And, of those 4 House seats, we BARELY won a couple, including Margi Vanderhye and Joe Bouchard. Also, once again, a lot of House Republicans were left unopposed by the “blue team” in 2007 – Griffith, Gilbert, Fralin, Athey, Saxman, Byron, Cline, Landes, Lohr, Nixon, Sherwood, Scott, Albo, Orrock, Hargrove, Bell, Hogan, Wright, Ingram, Ware, Cox, Loupassi, O’Bannon, Jones, Suit, Iaquinto, Tata, Gear, Hamilton, Oder, Peace, Morgan, and Wittman.

    As NLS concludes, “In summary- no Brian, I don’t think we need your ‘candidate recruitment’ expertise!” The bottom line is that Virginia Democrats need to do a lot better than this in 2011 and beyond. Let’s start with a high-quality DPVA chair – someone like Peter Rousselot!

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      By Carter Turner, who got little help.  If only Carter would run against next year.  He’d have a real chance against the so-far announced Republican candidate, Greg Habeeb.

    • gene magruder

      As a chair of a local Democratic committee finding candidates to run is extremely hard, especialy in this era of tear the opponent apart by any means necessary. I realize those are not good numbers while Brian was Democratic Caucus chair, however it is not his or Peter’s responsibility to be able to go to all 142 different committees including the magisterial chairs in Fairfax and somehow pull a candidate out of the pack. It is normally the local committees who find the candidates or the candidates come to them. Now where the local comittees could use some help is in vetting and investigating those who want to run on the Democratic side. Remember we the local chairs have to sign the paperwork  to allow the candidate to run.