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NotAndySere Skewers Dick Saslaw for Conceding Hurt Senate Seat


Over on Twitter, NotAndySere is having a field day – and for good reason – skewering State Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw (D-35th) for not wanting to “waste our money” by putting up a candidate for Sen. Robert Hurt’s Senate seat, soon to be vacant as Hurt heads to Washington (unfortunately). I’ll let NotAndySere take it from there.

#VADemocrats meltdown continues! http://bit.ly/bYgHs4 Dems won’t contest @RobertHurt’s State Senate Seat . . . continued

Saslaw compares Dem running in special in Southside to GOP running in Alexandria. Did he miss this special election? http://bit.ly/dybNyn

(“this special election” refers to Democrat Charniele Herring winning in deep-blue Alexandria in January 2009  by just 16 votes out of 2,672 cast)

@NotLarrySabato You’ve got to love Saslaw’s quote saying you wouldn’t see GOP running in special in Alexandria after 2009 debacle.

@notlarrysabato http://bit.ly/bYgHs4 “If this were a vacant seat in Alexandria, you wouldn’t see a Republican.” 2009: http://bit.ly/dybNyn

Bottom line: you can’t win if you don’t play, and Dick Saslaw says we ain’t playin’. Greaaaaat.

  • drives me crazy.  It’s not a waste of money to build up the Democratic party throughout ALL of Virginia!!!

  • cvllelaw

    If you don’t have a credible candidate in mind, save your money on this race.  If you DO have a credible candidate in mind, let’s here it.

  • blue bronc

    First, we are talking about politics. The game can change in a blink of an eye (or camera click).  Things happen and can happen fast. A seat opens and if no one is running they cannot win or take it.

    Need candidates? They literally are everywhere. Need quality candidates? Develop them.  The R’s do that for every seat, they do have a bench. Dem’s don’t.  

    Support local candidates. That is the bench.

    And, never take volunteers for granted, some of them just need a little, tiny bit of encouragement or talking to and they jump in and go for the goal.  Several of my volunteers have done exactly that.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    I was totally disgusted by Saslaw’s ridiculous comment…which came after Dickie Cranwell’s ridiculous comment saying that the DPVA had candidates for the Hurt and the Griffith seats but wouldn’t yet divulge the names. Huh?

    The clusterf**ks just keep coming.

    Peter Rousselot for DPVA chair!

  • The Donkey

    Repeat 10 times.

  • hrprogressive

    Remember, Republicans have no problem playing a bunch of shitty, insane candidates even if it means they get shellacked.

    Why? Because letting Democrats just have a seat without a fight is something that is anathema to them.

    Yet on the Democratic side, apparently letting Republicans go after seats without a contest is something that’s acceptable.

    Pragmatic? Centrist? Smart?

    No, you morons, it’s utterly fucking stupid and there’s no point playing the game if you aren’t going to win.

    Alvin Fucking Greene in SC got 300K votes just by being on the ballot.

    Democrats were stunned a little uncertain, but the man still got about 30% of the vote by doing essentially nothing.

    If you don’t win the first time, you send them back again if they are worth it or you move on if they aren’t. Conceding any seat at any time with zero candidate is the epitome of political failure, and VA Democrats should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Dan Sullivan

    would it be any different?

  • Teddy Goodson

    the very name “Republican” was anathema to all right-thinking (in every meaning of the word) Southerners? That did not change in the blink of an eye, and, of course the Civil Rights movement and its success began the conversion from Dem to Repub, and was given a big boost by the conversion of such stalwart old Confederates as Strom Thurmond. Nevertheless, it never would have extended to the grass roots in Virginia had the Republicans not assiduously run candidates for every office right down to dog catcher in every district, hwoever remote. In other words, they did the grunt labor and spent plenty of “wasted” dollars on races unwinnable  and unwanted, just to be on the ballot and provide an alternate choice.

    My question is, what’s so hard to understand about this strategy, and its tactic of contesting every race? Is it money? Is it lack of volunteers to run supposedly hopeless races? Or is it laziness and a certain lack of intellectual rigor that would find a way to overcome the money and willing candidate problems? Just asking.

  • vaambition

    The 2011 session is upon us. Saslaw has got to do redistricting, which means paying for lawyers, computer programs and consutltants.  It means being sued and defending the lawsuit.  All of this cost money AND at the same time spending money on defending the seats that you have while trying to win a few more.  

    Saslaw did not say no one should run.  Its just that you cannot expect Caucus support against this backdrop.

    Dont forget Saslaw and his brave band of 22 have to raise every penny of this.  There is no Governor to help them.  I am sorry, I am as progressive as anyone on this blog, but I cannot second guess him on this one.